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Hard out here for a pimp.


      “I explained ‘gluten allergy’ to my grandma and she sighed and told me they ate leather belts during WWII to keep from starving.” –Paige

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-10-23) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

This is my 917th weekly Memo of the Air show, all told, my 148th for KNYO Fort Bragg CA, and just my second for KMEC Ukiah and Redwood Valley. The show starts at 9pm as usual on KNYO, then at midnight KMEC grabs it in progress and it’s on both stations from then till 3am, and then KMEC lets go and anything after that is only on KNYO again.

I just now wrote a whole long whine here about all the things that went wrong during the week and in getting ready and actually doing the show, involving, for one, Juanita’s printer being a bully and a tease at the last fricking minute, but it ended with /You might never notice anything was a problem,/ so in fact why bore you with that? Highlight and delete. Done.

I read several stories from the electronic version of the Anderson Valley Advertiser ($25 a year, worth every penny), including one by Flynn Washburn about his employment and incarceration history. Two fine poems by the Mark Winkler of Ukiah. You’re given –/given/– an opportunity to acquire for yourself a goodly share of AzizOmar97’s temporarily inaccessible “$48.9MillionUSD and 280 Bars of Gold.” John Sakowicz remembers guitar legend Michael Hedges. Alex Balk advises on how to manage anxiety (by imagining yourself dead and not having to deal with whatever the problem is) (but more than just that). Potemkin-village-style cotton-gluing time in Uzbekistan (and locally, metaphorically, also at KZYX). The religious-nonsense-free world KA would like to live in. Oswaldo Aquilar’s picks for the biggest lies of still-taught history. A defective-flag recall. And– ah-ha: just glancing through the show file I grasp now what I bobbled to cause about a fourth of the material to be unavailable. It isn’t only the end, it’s a good chunk of the middle, including a couple of entertaining true-life horror stories… Well, okay. I’ll bring that stuff next week. Anyway, it resulted in an exactly six-hour show, to the second, and that’s what I should be shooting for, now that I’m old and staying up all day and /all/ night just makes me cranky and barky, not like when I was a kid and could eat anything I wanted and had that great Chevy Biscayne that never burned a drop of oil.

Just kidding. I can still eat anything I want. Gluten, GMO cheese, glyphosate, boiled belts. It rolls right off me.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Seven hours on the source of all life in a few seconds. A surface event  hundreds of thousands of miles wide, involving enough energy to power today’s U.S. until the sun swallows all the planets out to Jupiter.

Germany’s new directions in power. (Enjoy this informative video. It’s the sort of thing you won’t be seeing anymore now that Fox so-called News perpetrator Roger Ailes has acquired National Geographic.)

Photographs of and stories about 1970s pimps. (Clipped from /Terminal Bar/, which you can see in its entirety here.)

You need a life coach and the crystals.

And some paper.

And a knittin’ needle, and some water, and a microgravity environment.

And a cello.

One in a series of ads for a new kind of violin that uses your phone to produce and process and loop sound in real time. The phone clips to the back of the violin.

An ad for a wireless midi synthesizer controller that you stick to your acoustic guitar. (Also a real-time recording.)

“Just because you’re in the car and it’s possible to do, doesn’t mean you should do it.”

If mothers talked to each other they way they talk to their kids.

If a robbery report was treated like a rape report.

A wonderful planet. And such wonderful people. I’m so happy to visit. It’s the only planet in the entire spiral arm with yodeling. If you’re going to use a music video for porn, this is what you want, man. Also, there’s a clean hankie, for after.

This is like Garfield Without Garfield except for it’s real life and without little computer phones instead of being without Garfield.

Speaking of which, Louis C.K.

A train is late.

Mechanical planets.

Tap dancing. Cool again.

Swing dancers vs. street dancers. If you waste your time on nothing else here, this is the one.

Michael Jackson Japanesed.

Recent release of moonshot stills assembled into a short stop-o-mation film.

Amazing skydiving wingsuit record jump.

The true Scottish origin of Halloween. Samhain. Guising. Apple divination. Turnip lanterns.

Satans of earlier times seem somehow inauthentic today. This 1980s Satan, for example, doesn’t know how to pronounce Samhain.

Remember last week when I said fashion is stupid. Here it is dazzlingly stupid.,pd=4,f=size-xxl/bilder-woche-london-england-fashion-week.jpg

Plenty of life jackets. Don’t you worry about that.

“It’s just a boy with a bird. And it’s none of your business what they do in their sky kingdom.”

Star Trek clothes.

Jabba the Hutt is the good guy.

Rubens plane.

Jiwi’s get up machine.

Elly Cooney sent this link. Republican so-called debate touched up by the Bad Lip Reading project:

Michelle Duggar’s Sacred Blessings Motherhood & Marriage 12-Month Nature Calendar.

Cow-centric alien apocalypse scenario. (If you have a problem with not being able to un-see creepy things, Cyriak is not for you.)

Chinese say dam it. (In the real world, or rather the world of /Firefly/, the Chinese word for /God damn it/ is /gorramit/.)

Chinese medicine.

Spiritually detoxing Mother Ocean of harmful GMOs and driving the evil spirits out. With a special stick.

“Religion, that’s where the money is.” –L. Ron Hubbard

Who created God, then?

“The real lesson: Figuring out which ideas are true is hard.”

The hollow Earth.

The good old days. Barber-shizzle.

Pop science.

On the run.

Under weigh.

The flashlight sword scenes.

Fun with liquid.

Paint stripper. A video gimmick. (Some sex and milk parts are revealed, in case that would bug you.)

Stills processed into moving pictures.

Violinist collected ten years of creepy online attention.

Turn down for what. For 300+ million views, that’s what.

The two kinds of popping, and why. It has to do with stress, yes, but also with the speed of sound in the material.

Doesn’t work in Firefox. Works in Chrome. Works best on your phone or tablet, via the free app.

Works on bike thieves. It seems painful and mean, but they are thieves.

Works on bongos.

The cars, they are all alike anymore. Here’s why.

And /Suckablood!/



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