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The whys and wherefores and how muches and who said whats.


      “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it is insane.” –David Mahoney

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-11-06) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

This is my 919th weekly Memo of the Air show, all told, my 150th for KNYO Fort Bragg CA, and just my fourth for KMEC Ukiah and Redwood Valley. The show starts at 9pm as usual on KNYO, then at midnight KMEC grabs it in progress and it’s on both stations from then till 3am, and then KMEC lets go and until I finish for the night the rest is only on KNYO again.

At nearly exactly 10pm, an hour into the show, journalist and publisher Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost calls and we talk for about twenty minutes. Hank Sims is one of my heroes. You can hear me go a little fanboy about it.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

The undulating incandescent nuclear blob creature in the sky.

Space plants.

1,300-plus daily Buck Rogers strips from the early 1930s. Read the story about them; it’ll tell you how to come back to where you leave off.

Arthur Radebaugh, the man who made the future..

Flushable wipes? Wipes, yeah, that’s what they do, but flushable? Don’t.

Can cuttlefish camouflage in a tacky living room? Challenge accepted.

Guff jar. Thwackpots. Etc.

A slow-mo clunk beaker orchestra. Just a minuet, there, boys. Not so fast.

Mouse sex serenades slowed down so you can hear them.

A lovely ad for a bar catering to people who like gears.

An illustrated article about the future of industrial civilization.

I find a video like this, about video equipment, soothing.

And the same with this macrophotography of soap bubbles.

And the same with this otter contact-juggling a pebble.*

And the same with these synchronized jugglers.

And the same with this 89-year-old first-time standup comic.

And the same with this man’s lifetime-long project to interview himself across the ages.

And the same with with this explanation of a sewing machine. This is how it’s worked for 180 years.

The case against Howe.

A new kind of drill that melts and re-forms the job, leaves all the metal where it is (it doesn’t chop the metal out and throw it away), and so makes the hole stronger and, incidentally, usefully threadable.

The cool thing for me is: we live in a world and a time where a guy in a hat like that can have a jet engine in his yard to play with.

Good advice on how to make your phone or tablet’s battery last a long time. This is iPhone advice, but it applies to other kinds of phones and devices.

Jocular-broccoli. Effacious-octo-turtle. Arcadian-funicular.

All the gadgets.

All the exoplanets, so far, to scale.

The Peril of Skull Rock.

“My lonely robots.”

Man on the moon. It’s an ad for a store, but so what?

Where the water on Mars went.

Chemtrails reduce terrorism.

Fluid dynamics. How it’s worked for 13 billion years.

Bernie Sanders’ trick or treat.

And that’s why they call it a leopard.

An ad for a game that prompts your creativity to write.

A musical album generator that also generates the song titles.


All about snow.

Never, /never/ piss down from a bridge onto the trolley-car power wires.


“I find your lack of faith… distur-OOF!”

Pi, the first 500 pages.

Not just good but great eggs from formerly bad but now presumably good eggs. Eggs.

*A pebble that’s a new kind of synthesizer controller.

One way a person might dress to play a musical pebble like that.

And a dance lesson from the young flexible version of James Brown.

I can understand why the furries feel this way. When I was little I loved Tony the Tiger. I even met Thurl Ravenscroft when I was five, but I stalked away back into the kitchen of my grandparents’ Italian restaurant, declaring, “/That/ isn’t Tony the Tiger. Tony the Tiger is a /tiger/.”

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