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I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door: Concerto for Horn and Hardart.


      “There’s a calm before every storm. And after storms it’s calm too. Basically, it’s either calm or there is a storm.” –Greg Dorris

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-11-20) KNYO (and, after midnight, KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Until we can get the /wrong way– go back/ sign installed.

You’re already past halfway. Don’t go back now.

Learning from 1950s Superman.

Hey, comrades, let’s put on a show!

The three things that can happen to a horse.

Horn and Hardart.

Large musical instruments.

If you know where Ada B. Fine is, please send her this link. I remember how much she used to love ducks.

Iron and Wine: Boy With a Coin.

And that explains it.

Cat sucking its fingers.

A new product that’s a robot cat to comfort old people. The first thing I thought, on seeing the promotional video, was: Why isn’t it also a hands-free phone and a video projector?

Another thing for a cat to do: pose naked with a pole.

We see from the helicopter but we hear the sound from the man’s headset. “Oof! Oh! Uff! Oh, no! Ahh. Oof!”

“This tragedy clearly demonstrates…”

You know the way, in video, propellers sometimes look like freaky waving giant alien metal grass floating along next to where a propeller should be? Here is a simple, clear explanation:

Details of /Pushing Daisies/, one of my favorite teevee shows, ever.

“It’s been rented.”

“Okay, that’s good, but we need you to do it a little whiter. Okay, go.” “Oh, man, that is great. I feel like I’ve been transported to CaucasiaLand.”

Evolution of Barbie.

The Blast Supper.

Evolution of the bicycle horn.

Evolution of tattoos and nose-piercing and branding with a red-hot paper clip. Bleagh.

“Reuben, Reuben, I been thinking…”

“Welcome to Mendocino. We’ve got gourmet gasoline.”

Irish people attempt American accents. Happiness ensues.

The part where it gets to “Wait. Is this Rachel of Cardholder Services?” is my favorite part.

The smiley nightmare of the ’80s.

A time-compressed icebreaker trip.

The answer to the question, Syria, WTF?

Just as good.

Think how the squirrel feels, here.

A little hard work never hurt anybody.

How a skateboarder lands on the ceiling.

How to casually dance on a skateboard.

How to do a hundred things.

How to build a Black Ops ray gun.

Wait for it… wait for it… There. Um-hm. Thing is, these people and millions like them have the right to get a driver’s license, and raise little copies of themselves, and so on, as well as the right to own as many guns as they can pay a purveyor at a gun show for.

The future.

The 1949 Roomba and her brother.

Climate interruptus. (1 minute.)

Somehow I knew that it was going to end up as a white guy in a t-shirt.

White people.

“Smile, bitch.”

Y’all can just go home now. We have our winner (of the world-championship of crying).

Spock tribute.

“COTTON MATHER, You Dog, Dam you; I’ll inoculate you with this, with a Pox to you.” The first anti-vaxxers.


Point-counterpoint in 2003.

The real monsters.

Also, everything we know about addiction is wrong.


And a new game that I heard about in a radio story and that looks worthwhile. It’s a game about writing.

And another worthwhile-looking game. This one is about perception.

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