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And the rest is sirens.


      “All things change to fire, and fire exhausted falls back into things.” –Heraclitus

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2015-12-04) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

An exoplanetary animation.

Retro /Star Wars/.

“A stereoscopic plunge into the guts of an organic Paris seen as a cell through a virtual microscope.” It reminds me of /Strings/.

/Strings/ is a film made with real marionettes, not CGI, about a world where people are actual marionettes, aware of as well as limited by their strings. I had a copy of it when it was new and I watched it over and over. Hunt it down and watch it with your kids.

Maybe not the coolest chess problem ever, but a neat trick.

Albert Camus: The Absurd Hero.

Three 360-degree video cameras on stage at a concert. You can watch from any camera and turn your point of view. (This only works right if you have very fast internet service.)

Drummers, born or made? Evidence for born:

Oh. Good to know. (How to instantly quiet and calm a screaming baby.) (This is like the one about the off-switch for cats.)

I found it again: the off-switch for cats. (Actually, “How to deactivate a cat.”)

I wonder if something like that would work on Trump, Trump-Trump, Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump?

British astronaut’s dream.

Space bowl. (N, then n, then n again.)

Formerly invisibly high-speed courtship behavior in pet birds.

We’re getting very close to computers being able to actually understand the world. This program captions what the camera sees.

I wonder what the above computer program would have to say about this: I count ten policemen, guns raised, surrounding on three sides a little man in San Francisco on a typical Wednesday. He tries to walk away, and he makes the mistake of putting his hand in his pocket. Every policeman fires multiple shots, and the gunfire mixed with the screaming audience in the nearby bus is– uh– I don’t know; words fail me. Really, be warned: if seeing a horrible thing has ever made you throw up, don’t watch this.

Here’s the sort of thing that happens in the sort of place where no-one has a gun and not even the police have a gun. A person is more likely to have cello than to have a gun.

Math truths.

Looking upward between buildings in Hong Kong. Very science-fictiony.

Ghost cities of China.

Meanwhile, in Korea.

First-time ever lateral video of rocket separation. (Not CGI.) They go back and show it to you slowly.

All the manned rockets.

“After sex, get your still-moist panties from the floor and use them to tie your hair back. This will show him that you’re fun, casual and easy-going.”  Though my favorite is still the one with the fork.

You kiss your mother with that mouth?

What narcolepsy really looks like. (Note: erratic sound level.)

These French kids do little dances to their songs. They’re gracefully robotically spastic, cute.

It’s an ad for a cardboard company, but they make a playable Stratocaster out of cardboard.

And I’m not sure what the point of this is, but it’s lovely. I think it might be about cigarets being like a forest fire in your lungs, and also the woman seems vaguely menacing, neurotic, and though I don’t like that in a real person, in a cartoon person it has a certain appeal.

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