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Zap! Pew! VOOOOSH! /Pew-pew-pew!/ WHUMPF! etc.


      “You folks may not be aware that until 1992 the Science Center of Iowa contained the only fully functional transparent toilet in the Northern Hemisphere. And there she is, the genuine article. Ain’t she a beaut? Who wants to try her out? No takers? All right, suit yourself. Now, if you’ll step this way–”

      “We had an interesting incident near Humboldt State University. A new cell tower went up and the local newspaper asked a number of people what they thought of it. Some said they noticed their cell phone reception was much improved. Some said the tower was negatively affecting their health– giving them headaches and interfering with their sleep, making them nervous or thirsty, or giving them an unpleasant ‘buzzing’ feeling. The project engineer said, ‘Think about how much more pronounced these effects will be once it’s actually switched on.'”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (Xmas 2015-12-25) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

The show includes William S. Burroughs’ /A Junky’s Christmas/, Robin Williamson’s /Five Denials on Merlin’s Grave/, essays on language and art and religion and the sciences, side-trips into the frightening and bizarre, the goofy and the jejune, whatever that means. You won’t be disappointed.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Danny MacAskill’s latest bicycle video! Vertiginous, impossible, terrifying, thrilling.

The 1970s. I looked at all the pictures before I read that the studio that took them was in the Netherlands. I was thinking: Ohio, or the Midwest.

And as long ago from there as that was from here:

A creepily honest performance of /Baby, It’s Cold Outside./

The man you see getting punched in the face was charged with assaulting the cop you see punching him. Later, after the dashcam video was released and the truth was made known, the cop was punished with one day of suspension, meaning he got a day off to go get ice cream.

GoodGuy-With-A-Gun comix.

Movie titles drug deal.

Gaslighting sack-of-shit /cat/.

Just feed the poor.

Breaking wind at 457 mph.

Star Wars without Star Wars.


Zaka budu! Nih? Feh!

Like /bam/! Like /whoosh/!

Photographs of Penn Station in the 1950s. My favorite: the woman in glasses and a white glove, asleep in her train seat.

Can you read my lips?

A video slideshow of images.

I love rockets. I always have. How could one not? This is every kind of amazing…

…Here’s just the money shot.

Mexican standoff.

Peasant comics. “Water is the devil’s drink.”

Asbestos is the devil’s snow.

The amazing crap-o-matic. Click on Again. Again. Again. And so on.

Let’s compare 1963 to 2015. 1963: Jessica Mitford’s /American Way of Death/, a paperback book it takes three hours to read and enjoy.

2015: Adam Ruins Everything– Funerals. 4 minutes of video. Same thing.

You can clearly see on the /security video/ the man is walking along, twirling a pen in his fingers as he goes. Plenty of light, including the cruiser’s lights right on him. Cop jumps out of the car, shoots the man down. Wha?

Debt clock.


Everything you like to eat turns out to be safe to eat. Just don’t have too much, and eat something else once in awhile.

Gary the Stormtrooper compilation.

Steve Martin makes balloon animals for Muppets.

Concrete ships. Click through the slide show.

One little gun for each U.S. civilian gun death in 2013. Scroll down. Scroll down. Scroll down. And so on.

The red-hot-nickel-ball-destroying-things year in review.

(The one with the ice is my favorite.)

A couple of young men –of Brazilian origin, by the way– are on the grass on a wide boulevard outside an airport, shooting video for their YouTube channel, and a woman driving by sees them, mistakes them for Godless, homosexual Middle Eastern terrorists, and becomes enraged. Hilarity ensues. Also lots of not just swearing but demented word-salad swearing.

Further /Hark! a Vagrant!/ straw feminists.

SmoothLife set to a sort of arpeggiated chiptunes version of Pachelbel’s Canon. “SmoothLife is a family of rules created by Stephan Rafler. It was designed as a continuous version of Conway’s Game of Life – using floating point values instead of integers. This rule is SmoothLifeL which supports many interesting phenomena such as gliders that can travel in any direction, rotating pairs of gliders, wickstretchers and the appearance of elastic tension in the ‘cords’ that join the blobs.”

Test yourself for evil. It turns out that I’m “infrequently vile”, showing 3 of 10 for Machiavellianism, 5 of ten for narcissism, but only 2 of 10 for psychopathy.

Ah! There you are. Did you think you could hide from us?

And the year in review, with the focus on what Americans got stuck up their butt in 2015.

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  1. whoa Marco, I can take the sky high bike by holding onto my table and telling myself it’s not really me, but the psycho lady vs the Brazilians is too much stress. I chickened out.

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