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First rule of improv: /Yes, and…/


      “Nothing destroys creativity as surely as being afraid to make a mistake.” –John Cleese

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2016-01-15) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

I want to put in a plug here for Safeway’s Signature-brand rosemary-and-olive-oil Triscuit-knockoff crackers. The best cracker ever, even with no cream cheese or prosciutto or anything. Just the plain crackers.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but really worthwhile items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

The violin-learning progress video I messed up the link to last week, that Bill Cornelius informed me took him to a dating site. It’s the violin video this time. I promise.

The driving equivalent of not being able to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel. (To be fair, that’s bad feng shui on the telephone pole placement, or the garage placement, whichever came last.)

Heliocentrism vs. Geocentrism. Teach the controversy.

Don’t try this at home, Olaf.

A history of snow removal.

Drumming on Lake Baikal.

Synchronized multi-drone light-dancing to outdoor concert.

Food preservative cures cancer.

Gear. A very short science-fiction story with a lot of possibilities.

A capella, the self-defense martial art. “You’ll be okay, you know a capella now.” “I do?”

A word problem.

What an old big box store is good for.

Signs you’re about to be in a sinister homoerotic subplot in a midcentury drama.

Here’s /why/ not to try this at home, kids.

Physics Girl on ferrofluid and glowstick liquid.

The rare boney-eared assfish.

Find out what sort of person you are.

So that’s settled, then.

The social justice militia.

The overly complicated coffee order.

Harpo backstage in the props room.

Cute pointy dogs in knitted hats.

Beyond the Blue Horizon.

And a GIF of Donald Trump as a pink/purple penis running on testicular feet down a rutted track in a forest.

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