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The case of the stunning siffleuse.


      “If your dry Peas boil hard, a two Pound Iron Shot put with them into the Pot, will by the Motion of the Ship grind them as fine as Mustard.” –Benjamin Franklin

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2016-03-25) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but really worthwhile items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

The lady in the tutti frutti hat.

The chicken will not run. The eagle will. The chicken will guide you safely through all the alleys of the world. The eagle will drag you down the dark alley and kill you.

That’s why you need one of these literally creepy gaze-activated dresses.


So St. Patrick is kind of like the Paul Bunyan of Ireland. “The Oillipheist heard that the saint would be coming for him next, and in his panic, he sliced through the land and created the River Shannon.”

The Paul Bunyan of bowling.

How to make an extremely potent homeopathic cure for piss.

Infinite fractal pizza.

Fractal engine toy.

You dirty, lousy /fractal engine toy!/

Oculus thrift.

So cool! Even more like in the movie /SimOne/.

Places in Studio Ghibli films. (Scroll down.)

I love it that people do things like this. He could easily have been killed, but he wasn’t; he’s okay. The ‘chute needs to be bigger, and he needs to be better protected inside the rocket, but it’s a wonderful project.

It’s not true than no-one can explain these costumes. How hard could it be?

I think this is just a fantastic-looking motorbike. It’s a modified Honda 50 (or 90). I’m not sure how safe it is riding a bike with the seat higher than the handlebars, but imagine what it looks and feels like when you’re on this thing. You can’t see the wheels or the motor or anything. You’re riding on a little putt-putting rocketship three feet off the ground. It’s /the future/ in the thrillingly hopeful sense of Athena the little robot girl smiling and saying /the future/ in the underrated movie /Tomorrowland/.

It’s shiny and all techno and so it seems unfamiliar in our world of woodgrain-particleboard furniture and rocks and trees and things, but this is a very close representation of the social system we have now and how we got it.

Yellow in the center is the sun. Earth is the third green blob out from the sun. White flashes are freshly discovered and plotted asteroids. Persistent green pixels are then/now-known asteroids. Red pixels are asteroids that swing through the inner system, where we are. I started you where it gets interesting, where the search became serious. (Fullscreen this and turn the quality up as high as it works on your system.) (Click on the gear, low right.)


They were there for 41 days, and it looks exactly like you expected it to look. Also somehow they ruined the septic system. What a bunch of dildos.

Michele Bachman off her meds again, again.

Pop quotery meets fine art.

A comedy education.


There’s an article in the current New Yorker magazine about this girl who on YouTube, at 16 years of age, picked up 420 pounds like it was a suitcase.

So in some ways microphones can be a lot like wine, then. Where even the experts can’t tell the difference between a $400 bottle and a $9 one. There really is no excuse for a new microphone to cost more than a couple hundred dollars, unless it’s made of gold and encrusted with precious gems.

Scott Peterson’s latest Mendopia video cartoon.

Highway to Hell.

Leonardo diCaprio had to eat a whole raw bison liver to be in a movie, and now he wants everyone to watch this four-minute video. He said, “The bad part is the membrane around it. It’s like a balloon. When you bite into it, it bursts in your mouth.” The video isn’t about that, though. It’s about how billions of people eating meat are ruining the planet.

Pregnant male seahorse hip-sneezing out 2,000 baby seahorses from his Goa’uld incubator pouch. SFW.

Six and a half magic hours.

Clockwork Lego Laputa.

Next door to the fancy modern stadium in the /ha ha/ third-world communist hellhole. Oh, wait.

Overdosed on Nietzche.

Evolution of Superman in teevee and film.

Whereas, except for the 1974 one who looked like Julie in The Mod Squad, Wonder Woman was Wonder Woman pretty much right out of the box.

The Marxophone. (Demonstrated by Katherine Rhoda.) I’d skip to about 1:30. It’s a zither with a bunch of springy hammers for keyboard keys.

Here’s another one.

Ladies and gentlemen, the stupidest man in the House of Representatives, Louie Gohmert. Here he argues that Madame Curie would not have saved millions of lives by winning the Nobel Peace Prize for Radiation if girls could get ahead in business like boys.

Live-cam of an autonomous virtual deer wandering around in the GTA IV world.



Single comic book panels funny in or out of context.

In case you like to look at and learn about parrots.

Enjoy the photography project of this medical poseuse.


How to do all this stuff: tend a boiler, name parts of a buggy, wave your hands, wish for gold, etc.

A lovely story about all the things she lost, illustrated by animating all the things she lost.

GIFs of how things work. It might take awhile for this page to load.

All the Mythbusters’ results in one place.

Number 13 = Andorian furry.

How to make a bow and arrows when you live in a mud house and all you have is a hatchet made from a rock and a stick. (This comes after how to make a mud house and a hatchet when all you have is a pair of shorts a forest.)

Choose male or female, pull the slider to your age, click on fast, and watch the distribution develop.

It’s official, then: HDR has entirely taken over the field…

Why not just be honest about it? When we have replacement eyes and have control over the way we see, this will become the default setting.

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