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Here is the scream, full and round, hearty and high, a heltering sound.


      “You’re a ghost driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust, riding a rock hurtling through space. Fear nothing.” –Alan Watts

Here’s the 7-hour-plus recording of last night’s (2016-04-08) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but really worthwhile items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

The point.

Crusade against Cthulhu.

We could have been exploring the galaxy by now. Start with the chart, stay for the video slideshow.

Space rocks.

Bear has rock.

Bunny has critic. “I GOT a life! My life is with the LORD JESUS CHRIST, not with some SATAN’S BUNNY!”

A style of animation I first saw in the opening credits of HBO’s /Carnivale/. Fascinating.

America! Land of wonder and mystery!

Just hangin’ out with the kitch-posh racist yahoos in their white Cadillacs and pope hats, toastin’ marshmallows on the scrap-lumber crosses, and shootin’ their black metal penis-substitutes at tin cans.

A video demonstration of the (comic) power of new-age-y energy. (Energy shield master humiliated.)

You used to be able to watch this sort of thing on teevee after school. Sometimes they were on roller skates, bashing each other with their hips and elbows and getting each other in headlocks and ass-over-teakettle crashes. That would sell, again, now. Betty is still alive; they could get her involved.

Math teacher famous for his dotted line technique.

DARPA wants you to submit your homemade bomb and weapon designs. Really.

“I’m-a build-a the towers myself. I know I’m-a gonna do something big, so I’m-a gonna do it myself. I’m awake all night. Because this all was-a my idea.” Also, notice the theme music, which predates /The Twilight Zone/ by years.

Won’t you come home, Bill Baily?

Shakespearean sonnet generator.

Plug in the numbers and find out how many people you’ve indirectly had sexual contact with.

You might remember the Segway company owner died by his own Segway. He Segwayed right off a cliff.

…Well, I read where someone wrote in favor of a woman’s bid to rent out Segways on the Coast Trail, because the writer said he knew crippled veterans who would really like that. And I wondered if people too crippled to walk would really do well to ride a rented Segway on a trail. So I looked up “YouTube Segway crashes”.

Where the Nazis hid the pianos.

The Bobs’ /White Room/ in 2006, with only one original Bob, but they’ve still got it. They’ve still got it.

When the Beatles were Flight of the Conchords.

Meanwhile, backstage:

A little more about how the DNC cheats for Hillary.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Scroll all the way up and down to /Trump or dead chicken/.


Performance art has finally been embraced by the mainstream. The JC Penney period flower skirt.


El Quemazon.

La corazon.

El Corazon.

Dog meat.
China begins its annual dog meat festival… and the pictures are heartbreaking

The aliens’ purpose.

Remember your giant suitcase made out of sheetrock and painted purple? Well, here’s what an art school graduating project looks like today.

Exhibition of speed and power: 300,000 HPH (hotdogs perhour). (Though it doesn’t go to mentioning the ammonia and other non-edible substances added, just the “herbs and spices”.)

The right tool for the right job.

Do you not want this? Who would not want this?

…Here’s where to buy one. $55.


Impressive teaching ability. This is exactly the sort of person who should be teaching in schools. And not just on cars, but on every subject. This is how to do it.

Sex Nun of Dune.

The latest League of Steam musical production. (15 min.)

Mechanical automation.

Meryn Caddell’s /I’m Knitting Myself A Hat/.

Racist hairstyle deciding social algorithm.

Tornado recorded from upstairs window of house tornado destroyed. Camera guy lived, barely. His wife didn’t.

This is just like almost everything on the MCN Discussion listserv, except it doesn’t have anything about glyphosate or vaccinations in it.

The United States frequency allocation chart.

It’s BabyMetal, bitch! (Warning, nauseating camera crane swoops.)

“Son of a bitch! Nuts to that goddamn line; I cannot remember it!” “Ah, God dammit! You can give this to Sadie Friar! I can’t do this!”

Robot Scarlett Johansson. Kind of hot, except for the seams. And the creepy eye-corners.

Robot Rembrandt.

What? What do you see? It’s the ghost hand again, isn’t it?

And I’ve been recommending this movie for years –In the Realms of the Unreal, about Henry Darger and his life’s work that was discovered and revealed only after his lonely death. You can watch the whole thing on YouTube for free:


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