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It likes all kinds of flesh, doesn’t it.


      “They jump on each other and scuffle, then one will bounce away and the other will do its little victory preen. They used to kill each other, but now they hunt in packs because most of the ones are from the same brood. I occasionally see outsiders– my ones are more brown, and other ones turn up that are a little darker or lighter; I get these black handsome ones turn up and I think all my girls are like, ‘Oh, look at you,’ and all gather round when he does his fancy dance.”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2016-05-13) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep.

Scott Peterson phoned about half an hour into the show and talked for twenty minutes about the bizarre Mendo Art Center special board meeting last week (he says there’ll be another one on the 25th, in the main gallery), and about a born-and-raised perspective on Mendocino Village development over the years.

I had an exciting/dismaying below-the-gumline tooth damage event the night before the show, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make the proper embouchure on the mic to read aloud for all those hours, but it turned out to be not too much trouble to deliberately almost-but-not-quite close the rack to say the approximately 15,000 ess, ex, cee and zee sounds involved. Just now I listened to bits of the recording, throughout, and can’t tell the difference. In fact, except for the places where I forgot and clamped down and so (!) winced in the middle of a word, no-one would have a clue if I hadn’t brought it up. For content, anyway, it’s a pretty good show, if I do say so myself. (Ow.)

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but really worthwhile items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Coffee cures cancer. In twenty minutes.

Stay for the drum solo. (Or skip ahead to it. 1:45.)

The juggle drummer.

Other musical instruments waiting to be juggled.

Wet music.

The definitive /Still Alive/. (Jonathan Coulton’s /Portal/ (game) credits-roll song, but here including Dorit Chrysler on theremin!)

Inside a hardcore labor-intensive kaleidoscope sweatshop.

MacIntosh vacuum tube amplifier construction.

This is a real bug. This is not a Fimo bug.

Lovely photography of American warplanes that settled in and for Iceland.

In the pin-up style.

Need a good cry?

Salt in water. Much more interesting than it sounds. Increasingly interesting. (10 minutes)

The 32 types of anti-feminism.

“The lumpier the fruit, the more organic it seems.”

Stay curious, George.

Judge says all blackish folks are child-rapists and it makes her vomit just to think about them. Some people have a problem with this.

“History is not all awful. There was this one time, way back, when a thing went okay.”

Canada is on fire. Of the many forced to evacuate, these people had a security webcam (with sound) in their living room, so they could watch from distant safety as their home was destroyed. And so can you.

Historical Russia, bright, sharp, close up and in natural color.

Gas of other days.


A dark minor-key remix –both audio and video– of Smashmouth /All Star/.

“It’s all I ever do in this crummy joint, is win, win, win.” This link came from an article about Donald Trump.

Empathy, feh.

How to make a decent hunting bow out of 50-cents’ worth of plastic pipe.

The shape of things to come.

How opera works.

The effect of opera on penguins.

Time-lapse Patagonia.

Topo globe of Mercury.

The recent Mercury transit in time-lapse, with the video cycling through a variety of different wavelengths of light.

A demo of a new kind of guitar. It does all sorts of things, including going /vuuuUUUV/.

“It was his foot’s time.”

Cats and brushes. They hate them.

Serious pleather.

Traditional maple-leaf singing.

The first five slow, off-putting episodes of /Dollhouse/ cleverly fan-edited into one decent, coherent hour, to set you up to jump to episode 6 and enjoy the rest of the –it’s said– really quite good series.

“All that night I heard the bird circle while I was eatin’ fish and watchin’ Urkel.”

Benicio del Toro colors.

All the greatest model train sets in the world.

“100% brain function.”

And the most delightful mini Rube Goldberg device yet. Because magnet balls, and the springiness and reversibility of magnetism.


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