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The bird’s future is the snake’s snack.


      “No, James. If people got the idea I was healing lepers, they’d have no incentive to avoid leprosy.” –Supply Side Jesus

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2016-05-27) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but really worthwhile items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

A short film about Hong Kong that does what all great films, long or short, do: it makes you look around yourself and see the film of your place and your life and your experience. Stick around there, after, and see some of the other films Brandon Li has made.

And learn about how he makes those films.

A small piece of kinetic art about the way our brains fill in the gaps.

After 40,000 years, a new kind of puppet.

A couple of thoughts on this: 1. I still hate goats, but I hate them a little less. These are a better class of goats than the goats who broke into my car and stole my car stereo. And 2. That girl is too white. She’s phenomenally white. And she must be very careful never to run out of treats, because a goat can go from docile and friendly to murderous frenzy in the blink of one of its freaky alien eyes. And the whole time it’s murdering you it reeks of goat. Brrr.

Speaking of which: fears.

The difference between physical illness and mental illness.

The new economy: jobs in event security, and the tools and furniture of the trade.

The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue, the ski-jump nose and dimpled earlobe of the born carnival barker.

Gazing with saccades.

Whistling (and ecstatic) (and, in hindsight, probably a robot) Jack Smith.

“But ain’t that just adding to the problem?”

Popular temperature scales simplified.

An essay on the superiority of Calvin & Hobbes. The writer /really/ doesn’t like Garfield or Johnny Hart.

How could ya not love this guy? What a great story!

It turns out that Hillaroo doesn’t do nearly as well against Herr Drumpf as Bernini does. See for yourself.

Drumpf overload.


I saw this a couple of years ago and showed it to you, but a link to it just appeared in the AVA, and it’s totally worth it, so here, again:

Smoke on de vah-pah.

Highway to Hell in Ukrainian, in summer shorts, by the pool.

Now just try to watch this without bursting into tears. Yuja Wang plays Carmen Variations.

Or this.

Oh, hell, just go through the entire Yuja Wang YouTube catalog. You know you want to.

Ad infinitum.

Augmented reality.

Commentary on a Japanese video game. Category: WTF Japan.

Hamlet is back. And he’s not happy.

A short talk about video compression that even I can understand.

Game of molds.*

*It refers to the Game of Thrones intro.

How to make meth? What is the clap? How to get blood out of suede? (The searches that distinguish and define the states.)

The bird’s future is the snake’s snack.

“No, James. If people knew I was healing lepers, there would be no incentive to avoid leprosy.”

Enlightening: another several ways to look at feminism.

Who cut the cheese? Why, it was the Alpma TH-2 hard-cheese cutting machine, that’s who.

And /when/ to cut?

“Welcome to Hell. Wipe your shoes.”

An essay on the familiar and novel in film. Give it the full 9 minutes.

The rocket war. Celebrated for 200 years, since rockets have been cheap. Fun, but they think they’re protecting themselves from breathing the burn products by tying a cheap hankie over their nose, and you really need something better than that. Also it doesn’t say here but every year this event results in blinding, in burns, pets of all kinds dying of sheer terror, so on. But it’s a tradition.

Lightning in stop-o-mation.

Sentence tree tool.

There, that’s sorted, then. Sorted by eon.

The universe in 4 minutes.

Further Target marching by yet another bellowing out-of-control-angry follower of the Prince of Peace and Love.

The points of three (perpendicular) intersecting golden rectangles define an icosahedron. I did not know that.

On the one hand, fiddling while Rome burns. On the other hand, pretty cool, and wouldn’t you want a turn?

When malls were malls.

Russian casual.

Bodice-ripper-cover horse.

Hot Nixon-on-Aristotle action.

Well, there ya go, then.

Tap-dancing, time for a comeback?

Because if it isn’t tap-dance day today, at least there is a Tap-Dance Day.

A new kind of electric bus-train-thing, that’s like adding an subway system but without having to dig tunnels.

A 1935 futuristic streamlined soft-suspended motorbike with a 600cc three-cylinder motor /inside the front wheel./

The numerically balanced d20. And then, near the end, the numerically balanced d120. You can skip ahead to it if you can’t stand the tension.

Musical toy. Click a waveshape (top right) then click and drag on the yellow space. Slide and change the three controls across the bottom. Apparently if you get the app you can do some more things, and the touch-screen of a phone or tablet makes it more of a real performance instrument.

How long to fall through equals the same as how long to half-orbit.

And Mister Smile. It makes me think of Sally Cruikshank’s animations, and I’m not sure why.



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