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The bottom line.


      “The bottom line is, never impede urination or ejaculation by obstructing the urethra.” –Dr. Keith D. Newman

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2016-06-10) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but really worthwhile items that I happened upon while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

I’ve seen all the movies these awwww moments are from but for the one with Boo and the Toy Story one. This leads with the best : /The Iron Giant/.

Piano people.

Cello and saxophone and tuba people.

Coney Island.

40 vultures vulching. The real action starts about two minutes in.

John Oliver makes history, again.

The hat.

The fabulous Talbot-Lago T150.

All the Muhammad Ali your family will ever need.

My favorite is the hair dryer.

“Trump is like a big mean daddy to us, and we get off on that. Oooh.”

…When what yez /should/ be getting off on is:

“Charge! …Bad choice. Bad choice… Oh. Shit.”

Compilation of even worse choices.

Speaking of which, watch this surly cop lazily brain-damage a boy for asking why he was being arrested. (First he stops the boy’s heart with cruel and illegal compliance use of his taser, then he clips the limp boy’s hands behind his back, picks him up and drops him on his face on the concrete.)

Carbon dioxide. Play the video and watch its calendar.

“There will never be cities in space. Who would build them? And who would want to live like that?” Well, people and machines would. Like they built this one.

…And that’s just one city. Here– move around in it.

A lovely ad for mechanical wristwatches.

Thrilling bike stunts.

Django did this missing three fingers on his left hand. Still, this guy is very good.

Shark be all like, Leggo! Hey! Nnnnnf! *swivel, jerk, strain* WTF, monkey! And monkey be all like, Ha ha, got your nose!

Really? Anything?

This Fairy Soap calendar works for 2016. Save the images and print them. (This is the same Fairy Soap whose slogan was, “Have you a little fairy in your home? You should!”)

This is not a wolf– it’s three naked women. Likewise this frog and this chameleon. Wait, no, the frog is five naked women, and the chameleon is only two, but it’s video and it’s literally skin-crawlingly creepy.

17 nicknames for the modern penis.

I think we can all agree that wine is stupid. But the lead GIF is interesting, soothing. Imagine it continuously projected on the line of decorative trees of a roadside alcohol dispensary. (Recall the articles about how when you cover up the labels, or add food coloring, or switch bottles, not even the greatest wine experts in the world can reliably tell the difference between the various kinds.)

The hidden ellipses in 1/7.

The fourth largest religion.

A thought leader demonstrates.

…And you might recall Reggie Watts’ similar (way better) TED talk self-parody from last year.

“Here we go. The staff is divided by the train of the burning machine building with sweat. No one will see your face. The children reach into the furnace, but the light is still slipping to the floor. The world is still embarrassed. The party is with your staff. My name is Benjamin.” (“The question for us is, Can a computer write a screenplay?” I’d say yes, yes it can.)

Some of the comfort women are still alive.

Each of this man’s art pieces is carved from a single block of wood. The parts in it can wiggle against each other.

Demo video of electric eel sensually tazing –and tazing and tazing– a bebulbed alligator puppet head.

The eyes have it.

A montage of the best current drone videos.

Simone Giertz, queen of shitty robots.

Dan Kozloff once asked me what comics I liked and I couldn’t really think of an especially worthy one –I like them all– but I should have said Maria Bamford. She’s not just funny, she’s more than that. Start here:

And the Medici rap.


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