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I stand for motherhood, America, and a hot lunch for orphans.


      “Take off your hat, sir, Betsy Ross’ flag is passing. Do you see it on the bridge at Waterloo ‘neath the great triumphal arch? If you see an eagle trampling through the grapes of wrath, stand up and march, march, march!” -Jerry Herman

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2016-09-16) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and enjoy.

Live remote from Juanita’s apartment this time so, as usual when that’s the case, at the beginning I’m talking in a normal, Norman-Rockwell-lunch-counter-appropriate tone of voice and gradually, over the course of almost seven hours, I lean closer, ever closer to the microphone’s foam rubber clown nose and speak quieter and more carefully, though equally loudly via machine because of the volume knob, until near the end I’m whispering insistently directly into the center of your head, improving every facet of your being with vital information /they/ don’t want you to know, rather /insinuating/ past their and your stodgy defenses to lubricate the very heart of humanity’s vital levers and wires and spiritual plumbing. No side effects. No hangover. You’re welcome.

Before the show I almost always play a little something to make sure everything’s getting all the way from wherever I am to the transmitter, and this time it was a brilliant though slightly crunchy-sounding twenty-minute essay on intellectual freedom (by ThereminTrees, titled /Punishing Doubt/). Twenty minutes well spent.  Also, the Boston Blackie episode at the very end of the night is a gem.

And here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but otherwise worthwhile items that I set aside while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Current weather information: wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, clouds, rain amounts, snow cover, everything, for everywhere on Earth, all visualized in color and motion. An animated graph that lets you choose the parts of the information you want to see.;-125.3;4&l=temperature

“When man-made-climate-problem deniers say /The climate has changed before/, these are the kinds of changes they’re talking about.” (The rollover text: [After setting your car on fire] Listen, your car’s temperature has changed before.)

And that’s why Nietzsche is a stupid idiot, and Hegel is an indecipherable hack.

I agree. They’re the same movie.

Which Shakespeare play should I see?

Somebody besides Stephen Fry, this time, articulating why grammar snobs are wrong.

Before and after. Two pages. Safe for work /and/ the bathroom.

It seems like more than triple. Maybe I’m counting half-cycles.

It’s time once again for the big Muslim ant mill. What interests me is, in the modern world this only very rarely results in one of the top five most horrible trampling-to-death incidents of any given year. It’s just not a panic-driven occasion but well-practiced choreography. In short: These are professionals. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Here’s the explanation for when it’s actual ants doing it.

A photograph of the first national video game competition (the game being Space Invaders) (1980).

And a similar though modern-day event (game: League of Legends) (2014).

The world weather beauty competition. Dang, look at the /mammatus/ clouds on that one.

I get mine from the dollar store for a dollar each. Aren’t they cool? These are the clever ones, these are the Clark Kents, these are the best ones for reading in bed, these are the kind I sprinkle around everywhere I use a computer, these ones I keep at the electronics bench (and stack them for more magnification), these are with the motorized shop equipment (they fit under the safety goggles that I also got from the dollar store), these are the folding ones for in my pocket, etc. The reason they can make money selling glasses for a dollar at the dollar store is that they cost considerably less than a dollar to make /and/ ship /and/ hang on a rack /and/ pay a kid wearing black lipstick to slide over a scanner.

Vindshield viper. Vait for it.

Rivers and streams of Europe.

Eight miles per pixel, so the damage to the ring is about the size of California.

Another few dismaying examples of what we’re up against in getting us all finally up and out of the toilet bowl of fervid ignorance, superstition and wooly thinking before another cataclysmic war and/or dark age flushes the thing again.

Every sperm is sacred. (From the Monty Python film /The Meaning of Life/.)

Peter Serafinowitz’ /Sassy Trump/ project. Collect the whole set.

The evolution of bacteria.

“Whoa, dude, I know Ubuntu.”

‘Sup, peasants. I /boop/ you.

Hooray for titanic haughty young women in frilly underclothes /and/ spike heels! It’s about time.

The highest class of Rickroll. (Singer Gunhild Carling solos on trumpet, then soprano recorder, then trombone, then /bagpipes/, then trumpet again!)

The Marvel symphonic universe. (14 min.) (Explains what’s right and what’s wrong with movie music.)

Bleeee! Neenle-neenle-neenle! That’s onomatopoeia.

What it looked like from L.A. when we first began to dirty-bomb ourselves because it seemed like such a good idea for awhile.

This is what chemtrails people, 9/11 truthers, space alien conspiracists, GMO haters, antivaxxers, this-or-that-person-is-the-antichrist lunatics, and so on, all sound like to everyone but themselves and each other. It’s the same thing but it’s just about Adam Sandler. To be fair, I did see one Adam Sandler movie ever, /The Wedding Singer/, and I thought it was cute. Having sung for two weddings (before I became so cripplingly self-conscious that I can’t even imagine how I ever did that) I can say it’s a pretty accurate representation of the gig. My favorite part in the movie is where Adam Sandler and the bride-to-be (Drew Barrymore) are both engaged to other people but it’s obvious they really should be with each other, and Drew Barrymore suggests they just /kiss each other and get it out of their system/. See? Cute.

“To reach the best results, sometimes I used time lapse photography, making a picture every second automatically while I was nowhere around – this helped the models relax.”

The problem of a /tipping point/ isn’t that it tips, it’s all the systems precariously balanced on the way it was before. You can get ready, but something’s always going to go wrong and knock a bunch of other dominoes over with it. (This is kind of cringe-making– all those brittle hips and legs and arms and necks and so on.)

The science of ka-THUMP. “Is that cool, or what?” Yes. Yes it is.

How we get airports, or rather /an/ airport. During most of the century shown, here’s how you took a plane somewhere: you put some socks and shirts in a bag, paid at the counter for a ticket, waltzed nonchalantly right up into the airplane and sat down and lit a cigaret. Nowadays you have to stand in line for two hours, get strip-searched, they x-ray your private parts and your bag, and an airport is like a third-world country with low-rent army police everywhere watching for nervous sweat so they can escalate the experience in a back room with no windows. But the airplanes are the size of an apartment building, so that’s nice.

What even /is/ that? Is that a pizza?

The story behind the punk on the bus who wouldn’t shut /I Hate You/ off.

Covers of Eerie.

All about the ragdoll cat, including that they’re big; some of them get three times the size of a regular cat, though a lot of that is from stretching out when they go all ragdoll on you.

How to be perfectly unhappy.

“It completed me, and I really got that sense that I’m back.”


Where they landed.

And done!


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