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Feed the right wolf.


      “When there’s nothing, you can do everything.” –Shimon Peres

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2016-09-30) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and enjoy.

Or you can get it this other way, if that looks too hard (the advantage here is, it has a play button so you can just play it right away without waiting) (thanks again, Hank Sims, for setting this up):

Or you can subscribe to the podcast by plugging this URL into your podcast app: and let it manage automatically just getting shows to you (unless you use iTunes, in which case you can only get podcasts through the iTunes Store and not via a direct URL.

When I do the show from Juanita’s house, a small apartment with no sound-enclosed area, she usually listens to her own music with earbuds and works on her project, but when she was getting ready for bed she heard a part of this show where I was talking briefly about something particularly horrible to her, and it stuck in her mind and upset her. She went to sleep and had a bad dream and woke up crying. I put on Boston Blackie early, read the title story and signed off. I’ll have to figure out some way to solve this so I can both do what I need to do about the show and not make her unhappy. Maybe do the show from an all-night coffee shop up the street. I thought of that awhile ago; it may be time to try it. Or… do it in the bathroom? No. But why not? There’s plenty of light. There’s a counter. There’s a chair.

I’ll be in Fort Bragg for the show next week, so there’s two weeks to come up with a plan. Which means I’ll wait till the last possible instant and then spring into calamitous action, and I hope you’ll be attending then to appreciate the very midst of what promises to be a thrilling train de-and-re-railment. And of course, before that, you can show up in person on First Friday at the KNYO storefront and participate, if you like. Maybe offer a suggestion or two; you’re as smart as I am, and probably /emotionally/ smarter.

Oh, look! Here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but otherwise worthwhile items that I set aside while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

Trusssssst in me.

Coral’s alluring undulations.

The Staten Island Ferry disaster.

“Whenever I see a picture of the moon where the points go more than halfway around, I assume it’s being eclipsed by one of those /Independence Day/ ships and interpret the rest of the image in light of that.”

“With TP (Thoughs & Prayers app), screaming into the void has never been easier, or better for you ego.”

So let me get this straight: the program has already wasted $700 billion –that’s seven times as many dollars as there are stars in our galaxy; the planes can’t fly in the rain or at night, they suffocate pilots, and after extensive engineering reviews and several redesigns and upgrades they just burst into flames standing still if the wind is blowing into their butt. (I am not making that up.) And nobody’s fired in disgrace, and no supplier or builder is penalized nor sold off to get even a penny on the dollar of that money back, and we’re still somehow committed to pay another trillion dollars over the next 15 years to make a bunch more of these flammable stupid paperweight/meteors, not to mention those new billion-dollar battleships that can’t seem to get fifty nautical miles out of port without failing utterly and needing to be towed back to port with tugboats, when we could be mining the asteroids with that money and building glorious chandelier-like cities in space, or housing, college-educating and providing primary medical care to every poor person on the continent.

A video about shivery/creepy recorded sounds of war. My ears really perked up when it came to the propeller-driven terror whistles attached to German dive-bombers, because they used that same sound in the Stargate: Atlantis series for Wraith darts, and I didn’t know that until now. I heard it, and went, /That’s a Wraith dart./

Hamilton signed.

Female scientists say sex harrassment is no longer a problem.

Really bad cops use official database to stalk and abuse.

Sexual harrassment in the old days.

They don’t like it. And that’s okay. (They sleep all night and they work all day.)

Sexy vampires.

Apparently we like looking at things other people are looking at. Science figured that out.

The important thing is to see a medical professional if you’re concerned about your pee color or smell.


We’re almost there.

Patience. A kind of clock.

David Skazaly’s GIFs.

I used to see this sort of thing all the time when we lived in Fresno, during the American war in Vietnam.

This is finally the turning point in the election.

What a classy guy. Right? Am I right?

300 free art books. At least.

How we get ice cream sandwiches.

“Feelin’ better already.”

White lipstick, which I have to admit looks pretty good with a shimmery snake suit.

A new way to read without ever cracking a book.

Further lovely aerial footage. Fucked up the planet beyond all repair, have we? It doesn’t look like that from up here.

These are the 216 web safe colors. Be web safe.

Why are you following me?

A clever if dastardly trick. It reminds me of /The Message/ episode of /Firefly/, when Mal and Inara are walking through a shop bazaar in a skyplex and Mal, without breaking the conversation nor his step, matter-of-factly grabs a passing urchin up by the collar, holds his hand out for the moneybag the urchin has just lifted from his pocket, receives it and continues on. Except the woman in the photo is not Mal, and and the urchins are a slick team who do this all day. It’s their job.

The myth of black on black crime.

More quiet.

“What are you doing, Abu Hajaar! That is a rocket for people! Give me a rocket for vehicles! Hurry! Hurry!” “Raise it up! Shoot!” [PHOOMPH!] “Okay, that was good, but you roasted us too!”

Jazz with the glove box.

Click and drag across the field of blocks.

Drag your image file onto the page and glitchify it.

Pen pineapple apple pen. (Mimed to by various Japanese children.)

Player names.

“Oh. It’s about animals now. I see.” “Ach, I can’t stand rats!” “These people crazy.” “That was /brutal/ but very creative.” Old people react to Die Antwoord.

And one good turn deserves another. Awww.


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  1. get’chr own reproduction Aztec death whistle!

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