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With liberty and justice for all.


     “It’s time we show the Fire Nation that we believe in our beliefs as much as they believe in theirs.” -Princess Yue

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2017-02-24) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and enjoy.

Or, thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost, you can get it this other way, which you might like better because it offers an instant-play option and isn’t surrounded by confusing flashing ads.

At the beginning of the recording you’ll hear the very tail end of a propaganda film about what a great favor the U.S. government did for hundreds of thousands of slanty-eyed American citizens by spiriting them away to prison camps. Also it’s about how, though some of them were undoubtedly loyal to foreign powers, evidenced by their being resentful of being plucked out of their lives, most of them understood the necessity and were delighted to help out the war effort by living and working and raising their children in the desert surrounded by guard towers and machine guns and razor wire. Just the very end of that, where the announcer tells that all this was carried out kindly and humanely for a reason: that Americans captured and imprisoned by the Axis powers might be treated well in return, and we can all go back to normal once the traitors have been driven out forever. Then part of an interview with George Takei (Mister Sulu in Star Trek, and Hiro Nakamura’s father in Heroes, among other roles he played), who was four when he and his family were kidnapped, and who stood with other little children in a prison schoolroom and pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one nation, with liberty and justice for all. That’s just the first three minutes

Then there’s the show, of course. I did the best I could, and I even dredged up all my favorite yodels for the musical breaks. I hope you like it. There’ll be another one next week, and the week after that, and so on until I get it right.

Besides all that, here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but otherwise worthwhile items that I set aside for you while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

No, Martha.

A moving film of hundreds of still photos of Otto Lilienthal, the first man to really fly, really flying.

Cliff diving.

This artist got a kick out of Soviet communism.

Dung glass.

Robert Ross sent me the link to this Italian parade float.

Hands-down the most impressive music video you have ever seen, or I will eat a hat of my choosing.

Hahnyah. Nyah-nuh-nuh-nuh-nahh. (Turn on closed captions.)

Loose seal. You picked a fine time to leave me.


Do robots deserve rights?

A new nonsense word generator.

Words mean anything don’t anymore.

“You’re gonna be exhausted from all the winning.” (Tom Tomorrow)

And zombie relocation.

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