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The ship of Theseus problem.


Here’s the recording of last night’s (2017-03-31) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and enjoy.

Or, thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost, you can get the same recording this other way, which you might like better because it offers an instant-play option and isn’t surrounded by confusing flashing ads.

An odd show. A lot of weird little things happened. The swing-arm light waited till exactly when I’d put some music on to fall off its disintegrating clamp thing, then Alex Bosworth called while I was fixing the light with parts from another light and the phone’s squiggle-cord was all tangled up in what I was comico-frantically doing, but I did it, put Alex on, and his phone was running dead out in the car he uses as a radio studio (in San Diego), rather a steampunk phone, somehow not the kind you can charge in a car, so he went away to deal with that, and the light bulb in the lamp exploded, probably because of having been shaken around before but, as I said, odd. I guess it doesn’t sound so weird now, in the daylight, with the sun shining through prisms hanging in the window and trucks going by outside but, really, when’s the last time you had a light bulb just spontaneously go bang and spray glass everywhere? And other weird things; it is a seven-hour show; lots of time for synchronicity to develop stress microfractures in the fabric of reality and pop something.

That’s the nice part of your getting the recording: I have to do the show at night because generally there’s sweary poetry and so-called adult situations and after 10pm local time is when Americans are /grudgingly allowed/ freedom of speech and expression on broadcast radio, but you can play the recording any time of the day or night, and skip past the parts that make you grit your teeth because /who cares about this particular genre of bullshit?/ or /it’s annoying when people sing in a foreign language because it makes you feel like they’re making fun of you/, or maybe the Zeke Krahlin story unsettles you because in it a time-traveling LGBT-activist historian researching the Jesus myth discovers eleven-Jesuses-and-counting and all of them turn out to be time-traveling LGBT activist historians, say, from even farther in the future, and that’s just too much for some people’s Midwestern sensibilities. I don’t have a problem with any of this stuff, besides lightning striking my light bulbs, but I’m not the only person in the world, am I. Different people like different things, and that’s why censorship and prior restraint are against the highest law of the land. For a little while longer, that is, until the constitutional convention that’s just four more states’ votes away from occurring and turning the U.S. into the Republic of Gilead in Margaret Atwood’s /The Handmaid’s Tale/.

In other news, the Scott Peterson expose of another facet of the Coast Hospital financial charlie foxtrot, titled /Off the Charts/, turned out to really require that you see the charts the text metronomically refers to. So see the story complete with those charts.

And also, at last, here are links to about four hours of not necessarily radio-useful but otherwise worthwhile items that I set aside for you while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

A Twilight Zone plot generator! “A justice obsessed ventriloquist in a cylindrical room will not consent to getting a new job and discovers she was on Earth all along.” “An insomniac government code breaker in Central America buys a car that makes her tell the truth but it turns out she is in hell.” And so on.

Schroedinger’s cat.

Polyrhythmic washing machine. You’re free to use this in your next musical project.

John Gilmore wrote, “German musician Wilfried Hanrath up and offered to collaborate, then proceeded to escort my piano improvisation to places beyond my capabilities and imagination.”

Million dollar squat.

Angie und Don.



This snarkily helpful man with advanced Photoshop skills repairs photos by request.

You can be a hero. Take action: reform California’s unjust money bail system.

Knights and grails and medieval snails. “Pray for yourself, knight. Pray that the snail will kill you quickly.”

“Wait! I’d love to be a Mason. Masonry opens doors. I’d be very quiet, I was a bit on edge just now but if I were a Mason I’d sit at the back and not get in anyone’s way.”

Smoke and new-age lorem ipsum.

Math heroes. Scroll down.

Math bugs. /I/ would call it math macrame –mathcrame.

Puffer fish courtship art.

Well! Would you look at /that/! Gerald! Come here and see this! Look right here!

German mining-byproduct-chalk-mountain skiing. (First in German, then in English.)

NASA’s new image/video/audio searchable library.

Black holes. About a genetically superiorified melon in a voder suit.

GMOs. A good thing or a bad thing?

Dinkie. The curler you can sleep in.

Pack it right.

A little more detail about how exactly to pack it right.

Hecklers Anonymous.

Witchcraft Through the Ages, narrated by William S. Burroughs. (Full-length film.)

Camille does battle with sinister self-knitting yarn.

What is the fastest music humanly possible (where you still experience it as music)?

Interesting choice of music for supercut of beautiful black-and-white film clips.

Interesting choice of music for a marshmallow bear in a vacuum chamber.

Musicless music video: Rolling Stones 1964.

Jenny Nicholson, who thinks it’s funny that someone told her she looks like Cindy Lou Who, politely rips on the ASMR thing.

Jenny Nicholson politely rips on the movie /Tomorrowland/ which, even though she’s right on every damning point, dagnabbit, you should still see. (I played this before my show started. You hear the tail end of it at the beginning of the show recording.)

Further /Inception/-like drone-shot art. Click through the slides.

Hard to watch. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

World’s Surf League wipeout awards.

A papercraft music video.

Ten photos of abandoned 1970s Russian space rocket hangar with abandoned 1970s Russian space rocket inside.

The adventures of a Japanese nurse in photos, including work from the artist’s storm drain period. Storm drain Japanese nurse with sword, for example. And with pizza.

The Loituma Girl song (Ievan (Eva’s) Polka) in English, with happy kids dancing.

The original Loituma Girl dance.

Photos of lost rooftop theaters.

How roulette works. Skip ahead to about 4 minutes in.


Modern art.

An artist? or an ape? (I got all of them right!)

A one-hour master class in cello.

Little boy heroically shoots, mutilates burglar.

Re-rerun: Bathtub. (Tilt-shift video toy-ifies the world.)

And Frolic and Mae.


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  1. Yes! Raspberry Pi for dedicated live streaming. I’m a big Linux fan, myself.

    As for the Ship of Theseus: aren’t we all like that ship, since a large proportion of our cells are replaced by new ones, in 7-to-10-year cycles? Not to mention other cells more rapidly duplicated?

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