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Les fourmis de Chladni.


     “In order that life should be a story or romance to us, it is necessary that a great part of it should be settled for us without our permission. A man has control over many things in his life; he has control over enough things to be the hero of a novel. But if he had control over everything, there would be so much hero that there would be no novel.” -G.K. Chesterton

Here’s the recording* of last night’s (2017-09-15) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and enjoy.

Or, thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost, you can get it this other way, which you might like better because it offers an instant-play option and isn’t surrounded by confusing flashing ads.

Automating smashing a perfectly good guitar.

Chillin’ in the damn woods for a sec.

Access to health care is a human right.

Why we have a dress code in this school:

Photorealistic 3D science fiction paintings. View the video and the gallery.

“Need be BEAR MONSTER. That. Z tv. Crazy. Want. You want. Dog cat. Nedd baby. Child want don’t 1 need. BB team truck. 24D. 20 left bear monster you be.” (To be fair, he’s a fireman whose brother is deaf. He was dragooned into signing here. He /told them/ he couldn’t do it right. You’ll be fine, they said. We’re on. Go.)

Gojira, yay!

Demonstration of making a rude little Italian neon sign gesture in Canada.

A very short film about Laika Studios. They made /Boxtrolls/, /Kubo and the Two Strings/, /ParaNorman/, /Coraline/… (If you see /Boxtrolls/, stay for the short bit after the closing credits.)

It’s the principle of the thing.

Vicente Fox for President.

The latest in Luke Mazur’s wonderful series of short plays about Jared Kushner, whose job in government, because his own father left him obscenely rich by going to prison for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars, and because he’s married to Fat Donny Two-Scoops’ daughter, is to negotiate peace in the entire Middle East, solve America’s entire opioid epidemic, define diplomacy with Mexico (and also with China), reform veterans’ health care (and also reform the entire criminal justice system), and to “re-invent” the U.S. government and make it work like a business. Doctor effing /Manhattan/ couldn’t do it.

The Woody Allen movie whose characters and plot most closely prefigured the story of the Trump presidency. And not just the cheap-shot-like title. The whole feeling of it.

A few last words on the best spacecraft of our lives. (But if we’re allowed to nominate imaginary spacecraft, I’d say: Barry Longyear’s The City of Baraboo circus ship, then Destiny, Moya, Serenity and Space Battleship Yamato, in that order. Maybe also the tree-bubble ship in /The Fountain/. And the TARDIS.)

Other worlds. (Ever-changing art collection.)

“He likes us. Well, he likes /me/, anyway.” I’m not sure he means Trump. He might mean Jeebus, or Satan, or some other imaginary friend of his.

Fish slap.

I’m not a big fan of pop music videos in the first place, but this is the most entirely nonironically stupid music-with-video I’ve ever seen. It actually makes you nauseous; it’s that stupid. Enjoy.

Klimt paintings re-enacted with models.



Rerun: Bec Hill visually translates Edith Pee Off.

Hiccoughs, the preferred spelling.


Giant antique car motors.

The 1909 car of the future: the Baker Electric.

Water-rocket trike!

Paw! Come quick! It’s the pack-hoss lib’arians! They comin’!

How we get plywood.

What shipping looks like to a ship.

The pig of Lucerne.

Oruga de plumas.

Know your hate groups.

Rerun: modern love.

Shape Of You in 24 different genres.

Where is tall man? Where is tall man? Here I am. Here I am.

Oh, God /dammit/, another one! They keep sending them after I canceled the subscription! And there’s a /bee/ in this one. A fucking /bee/!

Simplified, timed-release, complete vaccine schedule, all in one shot. Yay, science!

The new iPhoneX. In two colors: /You Can’t/ and /Afford It/.

Liana Fink’s diary. “Still restarting. Want to smash.”

Defending oneself with a walking-stick or umbrella when attacked under unequal conditions.

An argument.

The book of miracles.

The ghost mothers.

Berezka Dance Ensemble. I skipped you ahead to the dreamlike part.

There is a place in Estonia where they all hatch at once. This is that place. It has something to do with malfunctioning stasis pods in their buried ark.

Don’t it make your green isles brown.


“Oh, no. I better stop it. I think it’s sucking up ice cream.”

Bard Edlund explains how it was brought home to him how dumb the body’s error reporting system is.

Green raw vegan pizza. /So/ healthy.

Gyro car.

The sky over Carhenge.

The sky over Guilin.

Roadside America mini village.

I see myself in all these people, except the sneaking-a-peek-at-the-phone guy. Also I always wash my hands.


In other words: close-ups.


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