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A little something to take the edge off.


     “He won! He beat you at your own game!” “So he did.” “He’ll save me! I know he will!” “Never. No-one has ever survived the Seven Curses of Lodak! That was only the first.” “Oh, you!”

Here’s the recording* of last night’s (2017-11-17) KNYO (and, three hours in, also KMEC) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and enjoy.

Or, thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost, you can get it this other way, which you might like better because it offers an instant-play option and isn’t surrounded by confusing flashing ads.

Acting teacher, pianist and playwright Dan Kozloff came by at the beginning of the show to get the video of his and his students’ new play that I shot on Wednesday, and he was persuaded to stick around to talk for a few minutes. And I had contact last week with Charles Cornelius Tyler, lead singer of the old Community School band /DADA/ (early 1980s). Um, here’s his SoundClick page, so there’s some rather newer Charles Tyler music in the show for a break or two. It’s a seven-hour show; many things happen in it, and almost all of them surprising, educational and wonderfully good for you. Wow.

This show ran on KNYO fine, but a little before 1am Jerry told me that KMEC was still playing reggae music. It turned out to be a simple technical glitch. Sid Cooperider emailed me today and explained what went wrong. So that’s solved. Next week, at midnight Friday night, the annual Memo of the Air: Thorgellen show will be picked up in progress as usual, as will the show the week after that, and so on. Thanks be to Sid. May Sid be with you. /And also with you./

Besides all that, here are links to a few not necessarily radio-useful but otherwise worthwhile items that I set aside for you while putting the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

A real place on the real Earth.

A 100-megapixel photograph of the moon. Save it and do whatever you want with it. Zoom in and in and in. Rub it on yourself, whatever, that’s your business. It’s a real place, falling around the real Earth.

“Donald Trump slimed me.”

Oh, my.

Can you hear the difference in sound between a $300 flute and a $20,000 flute? Because /I/ can’t, and neither can the concert flautist tested in the video. So, so far, apparently flutes and electric guitars and bass guitars are just like wine, where all you have to do is change the color a little bit or fake a label, and no-one ze wiser.


Sharks attack submarine.


Loop marble run.

This young man made and flew model airplanes. Why not make a big one and fly /in/ it? Why not, indeed?

There are more in this series. I love this.

A steel ring.

Smoke, sea salt, dust. Look for the Oregon and California fires. (Smoke is shown in white.)

It’s so cold and it’s so deep and it’s bloody /crawling/ with life.

My favorite is the Healing Grid.

Which kiss makes you more uncomfortable?

And that’s why they call it a /popular/ tree.

Another new kind of dance, in France.

A new kind of car ad.

I used to do this with pencils and things, in grammar school. Not quite so loudly, but very like this, to similar mixed laughter and embarrassed consternation.

Photo enhancing software.

The red specter.

And if you want a visceral understanding of Georges Méliès and his films, you could do worse than to see /Hugo/. (Did you know that Kevin McLeod of Incompetech made music for /Hugo/?

Shirley Temple sings death metal. In case you need a visceral understanding of Shirley Temple films.

I’m tired of the fad of people saying /Oh, HELL, no/ (or the way they write it now, here in the stupid future: oh hell no, or OH HELL NO, or even O HEL NO (which is technically historically correct). But it’s the perfect title for this because these guys are fucking idiots.

A new kind of robot dance.

Infinite A.I.-generated anime characters.

“With technology we have right now.”

Beware of vaccines.

They should always have to do something like this for the Star Spangled Banner song. Everybody who just stands there and sings is being /incredibly/ lazy and disrespectful.


Iron powder, glitter, paint, magnets.

And an interesting night.



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