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A musical adventure.


Some things got gaziggled about my setup at Juanita’s, so I asked for permission to play an hour of music on KNYO by remote, to make sure everything will work tomorrow night for Memo of the Air, also by remote, not from Franklin Street in Fort Bragg. (Hint: it’s working like a champ. The noise you hear in the background during the intro is the hose-type hair dryer under the blankets to heat up the bed.)

There’s some odd material here. William Shatner’s shatneriffic cover of /Garbage Man/. /Carry On, My Wayward Son/ on two cellos, viola and bluegrass fiddle. Johnny Winter at Woodstock. Julie London, /Somebody Loves Me/. A heavy metal version of Toto’s /Africa/. Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike), /My Dog’s In Love With Your Dog/. By the end, /Ga-den Badoo/, /Woyahoo/, /I’m Afraid of You/, then /Inka Dinka Doo/. You know all the words to all these songs. Don’t be ashamed to sing out loud. You have the music in you.

Here it is, via MediaFire, if you like getting things that way.

And, thanks to Hank Sims’ of Lost Coast Outpost, here’s a direct one-click link.

Right now, as I write, I’m in the middle of putting together tomorrow night’s show. Just in case you didn’t know, KMEC has expanded the time they give to my show, so now when I start at 9pm on KNYO, KMEC is right there on it too, and stays on it until… that’s still being worked out. Maybe they’ll drop off at 3am, maybe they’ll stay on till four, or even later. I don’t care; it’s a week after the first show starting on both stations at the same time, and I’m still fricking thrilled at this improvement. This is at least 3/4 of the radios I used to be able to reach on KMFB, and all those radios are older now, wiser, less likely to fly off the handle and pull some cruddy stunt that could cost you the election.

Speaking of which, IN OTHER HAPPY NEWS, how about the black voter bitch-slap trouncing refreshingly not crazy (yet) Doug Jones gave that right-wing white-supremacist homophobic misogynist mall-creep pedophile ass-clown –and sore loser– Roy Moore, hey? See that? The whole /world/ isn’t crazy. Have a treat for yourself. Hot chocolate, maybe. Woyahoo!


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