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Gone to Edfaloba.


    “And then WHOOSH with their heat ray. We’ll turn it on Martians! We’ll turn it on men! Man on TOP again! …Wait, where are you going?”  “Not to your world.”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2018-10-19) KNYO and KMEC Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to enjoy. (Left-click for instant-play. Right-click to download.) And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with the latest show and also other ones going back about a couple of years. And you can always go to Links To Recorded Audio, see above, and peep around in stacks of even earlier work.

Usually I put on something interesting that will just run on the air for a bit before I start the show, to make sure everything’s working all the way from wherever I am to the transmitter; this time it was Jim Holt’s TED talk asking the question /Why does the universe exist?/  The program I use to stream the show out stopped registering an input on the meter and luckily I noticed. I solved it, or thought I did, started the show, and it stopped again, seeming to have something to do with the USB mixing board dropping out of being the default sound device, so- USB problem? Reinstall the mixer’s USB driver, restart the computer, everything working again. I set up a tablet where I could see it playing KNYO’s stream, so if the screen changed to automation-provided album cover art that would alert me, and over the course of the show several times that happened, and I restarted the computer, wiggled the wires, reconnected and continued. That means, each time, a few minutes of fail-safe random music on KNYO and a few minutes of zen dead air on KMEC. Tch, oy. I’ll fix this stuff up and make it reliable again by the next time I need to use it; it might even be just a bad USB cable or a bad port. Oh, right, the reason I’m explaining all this is to let you know that the eight-hour recording, see above, has four or five sound dropouts in it, and why, but that I’ve shortened them all to five seconds, so.

While I’ve got your eyes, and thanks for that, friend, I’d like to repeat about Mendocino Theater Company doing /Mervin Gilbert’s WAR OF THE WORLDS!/ live on stage in Helen Schoeni Theater in the middle of the Art Center in Mendocino 7pm this coming Wednesday October 24. And you and your date can be there in those comfy new chairs. That’ll be going out live on 107.7fm KNYO-LP Fort Bragg! It’s part of MTC’s reading series of Wednesday night events while the main play people are out, the main play this time and until just before Halloween being Marjorie Prime. This will be the first time I’ve had anything to do with live-on-air radio drama since the Whale School era. I get to be both the sound effects monkey for the broadcast and the demented artilleryman, which is easy because I’m already in costume. Like Wednesday Addams said, “This /is/ my costume.” Speaking of Wednesday.

Anyway, besides all that, here are links to a few maybe not radio-useful but worthwhile educational items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Recovered newsreel footage from the Great Martian War 1913-1918.

Nathan Mills’ classical guitar arrangement of the Doctor Who theme.


Apollo V rocket liftoff, slow motion, close view of base, with commentary.

Don’t touch me there.

/Try/ and not smile.

How to.

Oh, yeah, now I remember where this was. Whenever we go to that stupid planet somebody’s gotta track slimy tropical mud back into the ship, and it smells putrid. It’s like warm rotten fruit. And they waltz right past the decon showers like they don’t even see the sign. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with people. Why do they even let them in the space force? Show me some more pictures from the old days; this is fun for an old forgotten spacedog.

An underwater statue with moss growing all over it and a starfish in its hand.

Alice Cooper gets pied in the face on Soupy Sales. (And don’t forget to smile with your bottom teeth.)

Je veux tes yeux. And the same to you, buddy.

Weirdly fascinating fashion photos.

Bleak (color) photographs of bleakness.

Whatta show! And those are /high school/ kids.

Wood bicycle fabrication.

Tom Rosenthal’s /Asleep on a Train/ with puppets.

Puppetry genius Barnaby Dixon’s latest amazing real-time puppet. He just keeps outdoing himself. Full-screen the Youtube video.

It’s called Mister Resistor though he has a capacitor for a head and for feet. Though there seem to be a couple of resistors involved in his back. And he resists the bodily sanctity of trophies, and resists being captured, for awhile.

A delicious caramel capacitor.

An ethical dilemma.

The contest is over. The winner of the /oh-for-fuck-sake!/ face has been chosen.

John Oliver should be president of the United States.

The migration of the skeptic.

Physicists watch the news.

Bulbous bouffant. Macadamia.

Music service ad banned for being too scary. No blood, no violence, no boobs or swears, just too scary. Go on, you know you want to.


Yeah, baby, that’s it. That’s the way I like it. Just like that.

Mambo Trump Crazy (1955).

Drumming cat-eared egg thing.

Dancing Pierson’s Puppeteer robot.

About the Pierson’s Puppeteers.

What an underground nuclear test looks like. With weird music layered on like they always do for some reason known only to them.

Portal 2 – Meet the Cores.

Carpet, drapes.

Animal x-rays. You can click on them and make them bigger. The toucan’s head is the weirdest one. How can they possibly fly any way but straight down? They’re built like a jart. Yes, like a jart with a head like an antique Bugatti.


Again, Jeremy?

Shocking shower scenes shot before /Psycho/.

The only fantasy map you will ever need.


Where the post-apocalyptic water wars will be fought. A map of likelihood of hydro-political interaction.

Japanese Hitler guy.

This was a job. People used to have jobs doing this.

Something greater.

“I’d like you to meet our very charming little drummer, Viola Smith.” Hurray!

Tectonics game. (Hover text: “They’re limiting the play-testers to type A3 V stars, so the games will all end before the Sun consumes the Earth.”)

A history of puerile Uranus jokes.

And objects (and creatures) in space.


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