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A martial interlude.


Here’s the with-studio-audience live recording of Mervin Gilbert’s /War of the Worlds!/ 7pm Wednesday 2018-10-24 in Mendocino Theater Company’s Helen Schoeni Theater. It was meant to go out live on KNYO-LP Fort Bragg, but the web connection at the theater went south, as they say. Dang it, Marco, breathe, let go of it, it’s in the past now, whew.

The next live radio show from MTC, and another try at doing live radio from the theater, might be November 14, when MTC presents /Destry Rides Again/. It would be great if Joe Wagner will again let us cut into his Wednesday night show to do this, but if you know any radio people you know that’s a great deal to ask, so. In any case, you can put your butt in a fancy theater seat for /Destry Rides Again/, Helen Schoeni Theater, Mendocino Art Center, 7pm 2018-11-14. Box office number: 707 937-4477.

Oh, also I’ll be doing sound effects for that.


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