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    “Sisyphus, hey, I’m going to need you to come in on the weekend. So we don’t fall behind.”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2018-11-02) KNYO and KMEC Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to enjoy. (Left-click for instant-play. Right-click to download.) And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with the latest show and also other ones going back about a couple of years. And you can go to Links To Recorded Audio, see above, and dally among remnants of the even more remote past.

Besides all that, here are links to a few maybe not radio-useful but worthwhile educational items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Master-level indoor-skydiving dancer. The /only/ problem with this beautiful sport is it requires a million-dollar vertical wind tunnel. You have to schedule weeks in advance, and it costs hundreds of dollars just to play for a few minutes. Also, and I know this because I’ve been to the one they have in Mountain View, and what you don’t get from the video, it’s as loud as a shop-vac the size of a million-dollar vertical wind tunnel, because that’s exactly what it is.

In contrast, a blessedly silent Moorish basketball court. Nothing like flying, but pretty.

Alberto Santos-Dumont demonstrating his No. 4 airship in Paris, France, September 19, 1900.

The rest of the marvelous story of Santos-Dumont.

And you’d like you to see this movie. (As well as the rest of Hayao Miyazaki’s generally flight-obsessed animated movies. (Porco Rosso, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Nausicaa, Castle in the Sky, etc.)


A one-legged hopping robot. My schoolfriend Randy had a spindly little dog named Twiggy who had all four legs like most dogs but behaved just like this its whole life. I’m trying not to sound dog-racist, but I think it might have had both whippet and Jack Russell in it. Tireless and smart. (This gives me an idea: a dog-powered, dog-piloted little ultralight kite-plane. We’ve seen dogs push and steer a skateboard, pedal a tricycle, drive a car, why not an airplane? And the piston action of jumping could turn a propeller or even flap the wings, or both.)

The nut of the matter.

Dead man’s bones.

The heart is not the seat of emotion, nor is it some kind of magical love-and-understanding computer. It is a pump made of meat, and here you can see exactly how it works. The valves are especially interesting. I wonder about the yellow blotches; are those normal?

Another week.

Morphed time-lapse of a kitten growing up and then back down again.

One art, please.

Damsels of design.

Clowns of crime.

Preaching to the choir.

An honest government ad.

Time-lapse plants.

Time-lapse rocket glory.

Every day is Halloween.

There have been 47,220 gun incidents in the U.S. in 2018 — and here they all are on one map

Creepy photos of scare attractions.

Ronnie Hawkins on the Beech Nut Chewing Gum teevee show in 1959. All the girls in the studio audience are happily chewing Beech Nut gum. And the muscular strength it gave to their jaws has lasted the rest of their lives.

Unlimited rice pudding.

Splitting the bill at the last supper.

Making formerly-out-of-reach ambience-enhancing giant fossil skeletons affordable for schools and supper clubs.

So it turns out that none of anybody’s shit is safe from a dollar-store pumpkin toy (batteries included).

Vi Hart: Transcendental darts.

Duet opera guy.


/Rejected/, a film by Don hertzfeldt.


Venice wetter. Ven it’s colt out, uff cawss. Nize baby. Smek! Is dis a system?

Bohemian Rhapsody in 42 styles.

A cat watching Psycho.

Mustn’t be uncivil. Not everyone who wants to murder us is a bigot, son.

Cyriak: R.I.P.

Defender of the basic. (The red-haired actor is also the writer of /Strong Female Protagonist/!

Downhill fast.

What I like most about the Bad Lip Reading project is, what difference would it make if this was really what they’re all saying? What’s weird is, I love it so much, every new video they come out with, and Juanita hates it. She likes the songs they do because they’re good songs (Bushes of Love, for example), but not the video clips they’re built on. It’s something to do with the /deliberate misunderstanding/. I think it’s funny; she thinks it’s mean. But as my hearing deteriorates with age, more and more of the real world is like the Bad Lip Reading project, which is goofy fun for /me/, but I’m afraid it will become annoying for her, if it hasn’t already and she’s just being nice about it.

Neat. The short subject, and then immediately the how-we-made-it.

Another important point of evidence that cats are liquids.

And the cookie carnival.


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