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A bright sound-colored penny.


    “Yes, it was a high building in Singapore.”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2019-02-01) KNYO and KMEC Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to enjoy. (Left-click for instant-play. Right-click to download.) And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with the latest show and also other ones going back about a couple of years. And you can go to Links To Recorded Audio, see above, and hum to yourself while you tug experimentally at this or that and develop a theory about where and when it all went so wrong.

Besides all that, here are links to further worthwhile educational and evocative items that I set aside for you while gathering last night’s show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Whatever school this is, that’s the one you want your kids in. Unless of course your kids are nonwhite, in which case never mind, apparently.

Project piano.

Point of view parkour.

Sad Heart. An odd kind of animation. It’s like shadow puppets, but not.


Earth and Venus spirograph.



Deepfake Dali.

Your soul. This drawing reminds me of when in /Stargate: Atlantis/ a desperate planet’s people engineered a disease to infect themselves that would make humans’ life energy unpalatable to the wraith creatures, in hope of averting their predations. I might be remembering it poorly, but it seems to me the writers took a long time to get to that point after the early episode where an Earth officer is captured to be interrogated (and sucked empty of life) and is offered a table of fruit and good food (for humans), where a dried up corpse is sitting slumped in a chair. “No, thanks. Looks like something /he/ ate didn’t agree with him,” the tough officer bravely quips. The wraith smiles and says, “Unlike your people, we don’t require our food to agree with us.”

“Get a load of this amazing woman blowing the /hell/ out of a clarinet.” She starts blowing at about the 2:20 mark.

Rerun: Dream. (Warning: sad.)


Good fences make good neighbors.

A bright sound-colored penny.

How to make a tank drum.

Just time for a quick look at tomorrow’s headlines.

Turn off-a the bubble machine-a. Halp-a. Halp-a.

Impressive flamencery. That’s C with a K.

Very looking forward to seeing this film.

And this one.

It just works.

Pam Bellam. It took me a moment to get /panda lamps/, because of the off-center mounting of the shafts. I thought the lamps were separate from the pandas. Maybe they are, and it’s panda, lamp, panda, lamp.

I’m not sure why, but this makes me feel sad.

Closeness lines.

Strip Iditarod.

Landing in Greenland.

Unlocking an 18th-century French mechanical table with 3D modeling

I’m not very interested in video games, and even less interested in FPS games, but this one has a look and sound to it that has a certain je ne sais quoi. Generally it’s enough for me to watch a short video of other people playing these things. They’re like a puppet show. “That’s what I like,” Napoleon says in /Time Bandits/, “Little things hitting each other.”

Also this. I like the quippiness.

Popeye in color.

And the great women artists.


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