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Comedy of Horrors 2: Clown Without Pity.


     “Does anyone here feel sometimes like our country is cursed, as if the whole thing were built on some sort of ancient Indian burial ground?” -Myq Kaplan

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2020-10-09) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy. (Left-click for instant-play. Right-click to download.) And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with the latest show and also other ones going back a little bit. (That page sometimes needs an extra refresh to get the latest show to appear on top. Look at the date next to the title. It’ll be the date of the end of the show, Saturday morning.)

Besides all that, here are some links to worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your immediate right:

The forbidden cave.

The hand.

Why not both?

Ladies and Gentlemen. (1.5 hours)

Metal art. (via EverlastingBlort)

“Stop that, Ivanka. Nobody believes your fake tears.”

The audio/video sync is off by about a quarter-second, but so what. Anyway, he’s dead now, from cigarets.

2020 in Star Wars.

A new game.

“I work part-time for an app that lets people decide how much grave they want dug.”

This was 35 years ago. He’s dead now. He died on Tuesday of cancer from smoking cigarets.

Marionette Freddie Mercury.

That Kellyanne. Such a kidder.

Open air fish market in Yakutsk at minus-49-degrees-Fahrenheit. Original sound on the video, mostly the sound of the camera person’s boots cold-squeaking on the ground. (via the Anderson Valley Advertiser)

Technically it’s a /kilo/drone. Still pretty cool.

How we get Greek train tunnels.

A Petri dish of cable cross-sections. (via polymath science popularizer Cliff Pickover’s Reality Carnival)

Speaking of a Petri dish: Parting out the end of an obscenely wasteful, ridiculous industry whose only real benefit was a handful of jobs for piano bar performers and, in antique wartimes, troop transport. Though we’ll wish we had kept a few of these ships around and intact when the climate panic-migrations begin. And I suppose they could be prisons and office buildings and dystopian orphanages and entry-level housing right now. Just hook up electricity and sewage.

For example, one of the great films of all time involves a cruise ship pianist.

Brewery reactor control room.

What makes the Hottentot so hot? Who put the ape in apricot? Whatta dey got dat I ain’t got?

Mister Mankiewicz.

Click for the gallery. My favorite is the Cheshire gecko. And the fluffy ice bug. And the eel larva.

Roue de poisson. (Wheel of fish.) With video of one operating.

Downhill bike race. Vertiginous.

Go on, you know you want to, knock yourself out.

Human history. (10 min.)

Pomplamoose – End Of The World As We Know It.

Oh, dear.

/Nice, Ron!/  /What, I’m not allowed to sneeze now?/

This funny musical boy.

Alexandr Misko’s English has really improved. His guitar ability pegged the meter a long time ago.

People selling mirrors.

100-year-old hand-colored glass photographic slides of life in Japan.

A beautiful clockwork assembly toy. As expensive as it looks, though. When I win the lottery, I guess.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive.

Full-screen this 40-minute fractal meditation.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Katie Porter break down President Trump’s tax returns.

Michelle Obama reams Fat Donny Two-Scoops a new one. (24 min.)


Ring juggling dance.

Creepily superhuman athletic contortionist juggling dance.


The reesks and dangers of drogs.

A deep book-length article about systemic police brutality and its costs in the U.S.

Dealing with diversity.

Dancing. This is our sacred dance from the Old Country.

Yeah, exactly what /I/ was thinking: This will disrupt toxic stereotypes of gender. “It is also 100% cotton and includes smock embroidery,” so there’s that, too. This is the kind of clothes where you don’t want to be eating oatmeal when you first see it, because you will snort out a quick bark of laughter and oatmeal will get up inside the back of your nose. That’s worse than when you get Pepsi up in there. And it’s only $1,500.


Underarm magic for modern witches.


“People say these are slow. They’re not slow. They’re peppy.”

I repeat: How could you practice for this?

Rocket dog. (via Fark)

Just keep scrolling down. There’s more story.

I have /Inka-Dinka-Doo/ on one of my mix disks in the car so I hear it a lot. The sort of progress in this video reminds me of when Jimmy Durante says comic-indignantly, “Tell me, Mr. James, now just what did /you/ accomplish!” (via NagOnTheLake)

Art. Click on Gallery for more galleries of Mike Worrell’s art. (via EverlastingBlort)

Rax. You can eat here.

Fossil-fuel-powered surfing in the desert. That’s what we need.

The actress.

The girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party, part 1.

Ladies. Okay, good effort, good effort. Elbows up, though. Raise your guard. And punch, don’t slap… This reminds me of how throughout the series /Eureka/ they never missed an opportunity for Doctor Allison and Doctor Beverly to go wild on each other and smack each other around. This is a little like that. The probably-no-longer-kosher term for this is girlfight. That’s what everyone would shout when I was in grammar school and high school, when girls would fight, though in real life there was a lot more pulling hair and kicking shins about it, and shrieking details of the initial grievance. Very entertaining and then always a disappointment when a teacher would run out or run in and stop it. Juanita asked me once why I think boys like watching girls fight. I know it’s supposed to be sexy but I don’t see it that way. It might be that you’re pretty sure the whole time that nobody’s going to get really hurt, but then there are things like River in /Serenity/ and the carnage is the point, but that’s a girl fighting men, and it’s cartoon fighting. I dunno.

In the early-2000s teevee show /Firefly/ this is what they call going full burn. These creatures were the model for the spaceship.

Speaking of /Firefly/, this career video producer has somehow never seen it (!), and is only just now watching it, here in 2020. I remember about ten or so years ago when Juanita’s then-twelve-year-old niece was visiting her grandmother and we were all there for some kind of holiday, and I put on the first disk of Firefly, and Teryn was quiet throughout the pilot episode, but when it was over she said, “Is there more of this?” and she wanted all the rest of it, right now, just like everybody does when they see it.  Sure, no problem, here ya go.  I said, “What do you like most about it?”  She thought about it a minute and said, “I like looking at Adam Baldwin.”  One time around that era I asked her what her favorite movie was, ever, and she said, “Fight Club,” and I said, “Huh,” in the tone Mal uses, in /Firefly/, when he sees what’s in the box. I think I might have a skewed view of how things are anymore. I think girlfights might be different now from the way they were when I was twelve. I don’t really see kids in groups much anymore. Probably no-one ever spits at anyone else, too, what with the masks and everything. Kids used to spit at each other all the time… I hear you thinking, “What? Where did you live?” In the Old Country, of course. You could get your whole car painted for $59.99 there. A complete brake job was like fifteen dollars a wheel. A sack of ten hamburgers was one dollar at Norm’s and you could use all the ketchup and mustard you wanted from big squeeze-bottles at the end of the counter. Water was free. There were sanitary drinking faucets everywhere, in every public building and on every corner, and there were places to sit down where you didn’t have to pay anything at all. You could just sit down and read a whole book and nobody thought anything of it.

Grammar allergy.

And something about deeply held beliefs.

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