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Hard reset.



Here’s the recording of last night’s (2021-03-12) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy.


And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only the above MOTA show but also other ones going back awhile.

A lot of dead people this show. Nearly the whole first hour. There’s a lot there, but the part that mainly sticks in my mind was learning that Lenny Laks, who just died Tuesday, had been the one first to come upon his long-time music-mate John Chamberlain dead on the highway in 2013 and then four months later he was also the one who found other long-time music-mate Antonia Lamb dead. I repeat what one of Lenny’s eulogists said about that: “Jesus! Poor Lenny!” See Lenny, Antonia and John, above, at a Hit & Run Theater event in a more perpendicular time for them. Lenny was a pretty big guy. You know how big a bass guitar is. Notice how on him it looks like a child-size regular guitar.

Correction: Nick Wilson read the above and wrote:

>It was Steve Davidson, not Lenny Laks, who found John Chamberlin’s body back on June 4, 2013. Someone got that mixed up. Steve told me some details back at the time, and I just phoned him to make sure I got the details right.

>Steve and JC happened to be in Santa Rosa at the same time, and saw each other at Trader Joe’s. Later, as Steve drove toward home he came upon John’s car pulled off of 128 right at the Mendocino County line sign. A CHP was there, and Steve stopped to see what was happening. JC was already unconscious and slumped over his steering wheel. The CHP officer said he had spoken with Jayce, who told him he was feeling very tired and pulled over to rest. He said he intended to continue onward after a rest. But he quickly got worse and lost conciousness while the officer was there, shortly before Steve arrived.

>The CHP called for an ambulance. Steve and CHP got JC out of the car and tried to give him CPR, but he was gone. The ambulance crew confirmed he had died, but they couldn’t transport his body until a coroner arrived on the scene. It took 3 hours for that, with Steve, CHP and a tow truck all waiting at the scene.

>Steve and JC were the closest of pals. They had played music together from 1970 onward, starting with Cat Mother. Their last gig was at the Mendocino Film Festival with Peter Barg and Franny Leopold’s latin music group, The Cumbaleros, just a week before John passed. Steve remembered that JC was in poor health at that time, and could barely climb the steps to the stage.

>I was a buddy of John’s too, and when I first arrived in 1970 used to share his bathroom and kitchen at the Elk compound while I slept in my VW camper in the driveway. I was 7 days older than JC. What a talented, smart, and caring guy. A genius at his graphic art and a very good musician, first on mandolin, and later on guitar and vocals.

>When JC passed I started a John Chamberlin Memorial Group on Facebook, where people could share memories, photos and tributes. After a few months, seeing that other popular locals had also passed, I repurposed the group, changed the name to the Mendocino Coast Memorial Group, and opened it up to honoring and remembering all of the locals who have passed. It currently has over 700 members, but it’s public, so anyone can go to it and see what’s there. Right now there are many posts about Lenny Laks. If you scroll down far enough you’ll find the original 2013 posts about John. Or you could use the search function to find posts mentioning him. Here’s the link.

>And here’s a link to a photo of John and Steve performing with The Cumbaleros on May 28 at the 2013 film festival. It was about a week before he passed.

Marco here again. Thanks, Nick! Okay, moving on. Here’s a fresh batch of not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

A sweeping bird’s eye view of a place with everything: bar/restaurant, bowling alley, theater. Add a radio station and you’re looking at my fantasy of what to build with a lottery payout, except the bar would be a soda and ice-cream bar. And the place would have a bathroom. You have to have a bathroom in a bowling alley or a rollerskating rink, for kids to smoke cigarets and for people to comb their hair with water from the sink. This kind of shot was impossible just a short while ago. Toy drone tech has literally leaped and soared in very recent years.

Stunningly beautifully edited weather.

Cleans up nice. Squeegee the dividers left and right.

And Chernobyl after all the excitement, healthy, natural, full of wildlife, by many measures better than ever. Except for the demonic kernel at the center. Stay away from there, children and squirrels.

Further starlings.

Artistic starlings.

Scrape art.


And other birds. “When people have the freedom to do what they want, they usually imitate each other.”

Ghost bird. It has a dignified air and every right to think it’s invisible; it very nearly is. Its egg, though. I hope the people left that alone. Oh! It only just occurred to me: was it straining to lay that egg the whole time, nose in the air, motionlessly squinching and pushing? Was it surreptitiously, silently laying an egg as big as its whole body? Or is it somebody else’s egg.

Her squeezebox brings all the cows to the gate.

Black and white minimalist photography.

Randy Rainbow’s latest.

I’m in. Hurry up.

Gears. This process of adding to it till it breaks, solving that sort of break then adding till another thing breaks, solving that… This is how the new (unmanned) rocketship projects work, why they crash so much and don’t seem to be discouraged. It’s always been a cheap shortcut for developing new engines and machines of all kinds.×1-gear-chain/614182/

Simple animations to show how the different kinds of engines work.

Human energy they thought you could store in a pickle jar.

Meeting ended by host. (Hover text: “I can’t wait until I’m fully vaccinated and can send messages in all-caps again.”) NOT WAITING. DOING IT NOW.

A German dance.

The old soft-shoe. This is like twenty years after he was Scarecrow in /Wizard of Oz/. My grandfather would dance like this in the restaurant kitchen. He was shorter and more powerfully built than Ray Bolger, but could glide. (via Everlasting Blort)

Charlie Chaplain, the roll dance.

Knee dancers. (Also German.)

Tucker Carlson, a giant smug racist human thumb with a face painted on it and a plastic wig.

Lynda Barry’s drawing show for drawers. My favorite cartoon character of hers has always been Romantic Rahoolio the Latin Lovar.

Was it the weird spy-lawyer who worked for KZYX who was the one who did this ridiculous psychological comic-terror project back in Vietnam? I wrote to the people who told me that years ago but they haven’t written back yet. I think his name starts with H.

I don’t trust my barber. (via b3ta)



Hammer. From the guy who brought you the karate-chop hand axe.

Gimmick costume band’s /Barracuda/. Pretty good.

Automated random Jazz drum ambiance.

Amor alien (alien love), by Laura Molina. (It’s a self portrait. The man is meant to be Dave Stevens.) Those are the Radio Free Earth colors, by the way. Back when several of my projects were under the Radio *Free Earth title (little radios stations, the teevee show, posters for Mendo Movies, etc.) I painted everything involved in highly contrasting fluorescent green and bright red. See now good it looks. (*The apostrophe ironically qualified it. Biff Rose said, “Free doesn’t mean anything unless you attach it to something: Free beer. Free hamburger.”)

“One could say it is lettuce. It is not lettuce. /You’re/ the one that’s being evasive.” (via Everlasting Blort)

Sex madness. (52 min.)

Oh, for fuck sake. Hell yes it’s the envy talking when I exclaim over how this demented elderly putz is a gazillionaire from people sending him all their money for this shit. Look, here I am curing your cancer by squeezing my eyes shut. Private jets, diamond mines, a hundred radio and television stations, and they don’t even have to pay taxes on anything because Jeebus.

Television from literally another world.

Analog video synthesis. This very machine made the video graphic of the plan to attack the Death Star near the very end of the first Star Wars movie.

Modular analog video synthesizer rack, each module labeled for its function. /War of the Ants/, for example, and /Marble Index/. Hover over the individual modules for power consumption and price (/Visual Cortex/ module needs 5 watts and costs $849. /War of the Ants/ uses half that power and coincidentally costs half as much.) In the middle-late 1980s I made something vastly simpler and less wonderful than this, but still pretty neat, to control an oscilloscope trace or a laser, one of whose functions was /Rotating Duck Foot/, just a step away from /Reciprocating Battleships/. This one, though– use both scroll bars or you’re only seeing a little bit of it. In use, there would be an attractive rat’s nest of wires going all over the front, between those holes.

Funeral beatboxing.

Three minutes of tsunami info.

Trailer for a new game.


Everything you need to know about inkjet printers. (Whereas everything you need to know about laser printers is, if it won’t print because it says it’s out of toner, find the clear little plastic window on the side of the toner cartridge and cover it with a piece of black tape. Shake the cartridge and put it back in. It’ll print 500 more pages.)

“The rejected script for episode nine of the Skywalker saga (Star Wars: Duel of the Fates), written by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly, leaked online a year ago.” Andrew Winegarner worked all this time to make it into a graphic novel to read for free online all on a single scroll-page. The text is big enough; you can enjoy this on your phone. (via Neatorama)

The original Star Wars retrofitted.

Art deco laundry vans of the 1930s. (via NagOnTheLake, Everlasting Blort, and more)

What did she /think/ would happen?

Probably she thought it would be something like this.

From lots of ice to loss of ice.

Rerun: Art of the gag.

Ahem. This is painful because I have actually talked like this because it’s funny. There’s a term related to doing that: making fun of something cringeworthy by doing it. The term, um, hold on… Yeah, it’s the Law of Goats. It’s too bad, too, because it’s still funny but… Oh, never mind. And if you try to explain it, it just adds a fractal landscape of further goats.

These people screwed a toy quadcopter into a tiny Faraday cage and flew it between Tesla coils. This is a lot like what happens when a jetliner is struck by lightning and is safe. Screw your courage to the sticking place.

Sounds like a plan.

How to add a banjo-ish track to the mix when you haven’t got one.


They were just making sure. This guy was probably trouble, and you never know.

Rerun: The song in every musical that no-one likes.

I love them. I wish the sound was better.

And these ones too. It doesn’t really need the distorted electric guitar sounding trombone, but it doesn’t hurt.

Sonny Boy Williamson – Keep It To Yourself. (via Everlasting Blort)

Joshua King.

Air horn gun.

Balletic ice maintenance.

In the cold playing Coldplay. Snow on the fingers and strings and dogs.

Who wouldn’t want this? And if it had an electric motor and could go freeway speed… It would be a menace; other people would crash, from not being able to take their eyes off it.

Visual tricks.

Come back!

I think they’re both just really drunk.

Say your band’s name is Cannibal Corpse, and you’re having a meeting about who you should get to do your album cover art.

The fast thief flash-fried thick fish.

Letters from 1946. Get ready to notice that one of your eyebrows is stuck in the up position.

How to properly trim for sale a slab of muscle and fat the size of a briefcase. Over the years I’d puzzled over what a brisket is, having heard Jews use the term in movies. I knew it was some kind of meat food. It never occurred to me to look it up. “With a little bit of time and the right cooking method, even the toughest piece of meat can be made delicious. Brisket, which comes from the breast of the cow, is a great example; it’s one of the least tender cuts of beef, but braised, smoked, or slowly roasted, it’s rendered soft and satisfying with incredible flavor.” (20 min.)

Monolink – The Prey.

Every piano has 88 of these delicate Rube Goldberg machines in it, made out of little sticks and felt and hinges made of tiny bits of brass. And somehow they last a hundred years of being banged on and whacked around. Amazing. (via Cliff Pickover’s Reality Carnival)

And Max Forsetter sent this link. It’s about the things we throw away rather than just fix it.


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