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The dogs bark, the camels pass.


Here’s the recording of last night’s (2021-04-09) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy.


Thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only the above MOTA show but also other ones going back quite a way.

And here’s a fresh batch of not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

A page of madness.

A message from Humane Society International.

More volcano.

“Very unique collaborative creative innovation, eh. What do you actually do here?” “Do?” “Yes, what does your company exist to do?” “Well, um… Hmm…” They remind one of FrogHammer, the agency Richard goes to, to rebrand the New Burbage theater festival, in the second year of /Slings And Arrows/.

Philosophy Olympics.

Here’s what to do with your old family pictures.

Five-year-old boy walks away from kindergarten. Cops catch him and treat him like this:

A heavy metal-ized pig calling contest. The woman with the upper arms is the absolute queen of this sport. Honestly, she could quit her job and make a living at it, and buy a house.

Literal metal animals.

A man’s out taking his dog for a walk, and here are these rabbits tirelessly speedbag-punching each other. Or possibly slapping defensively at each other like a nerdfight.

Organizing the cats.

Electrical atmospheric sprites.

Blood. How it works. (10 min.)

These kids are so great. Everything they do is great. The Low Darts. Also the article explains what the song /The Weight/ is about in the first place.

Cute pet otter.

Geniuses of the Caribbean.


And I found it! The scene in Stargate SG-1 that I was telling you about last week where gray alien Loki (Asgard is their name for their race) wakes up restrained on his own examination/anal-probe table and, bewildered, goes, “This is all wrong.” But it’s different from the way I remember. My memory made the line come out more Woody Allenish than this. (The line is at about 1:50.) Though the expression on Loki’s face when teenage clone O’Neill zats him (at 0:34) exactly matches my memory.

Omega Mart commercials.

David’s Pizza.

A Godzilla movie made in 1991 where one man plays all the parts, including Godzilla, and makes all the music and sound effects with his mouth. I first wrote /Gojira/, because I thought that was the way real Japanese people say it, but I just looked it up and that’s not so.

Gojira is the name of a music band. Here’s one of their songs:

Dinosaurs, the true story.

Google News simplified to text. Applying this process to many other sites would make even dialup internet entirely useful again.

The evolution of car chase scene film technique.

Restoring a 1969 Russian motorcycle and sidecar. Everything, down to the original color.

Umbrella. (via b3ta)

The appliance whisperer. (via b3ta)

“These are my friends. I made them.”

James Taylor teaches you how to play Fire and Rain on guitar.

Boomers got the vax.

“I make the sound from like right here.”

Luca Stricagnoli’s latest.



“Remember the Black man who was bringing in his trash can when the LAPD kidnapped him after a white woman called 911 on her white boyfriend? Today a judge removed the protective order on the video the LAPD didn’t want anybody to see.”

…If the video on that page doesn’t play for you, try going straight here. And click the sound on.

“What could be more refreshing than Newport menthol cigarets?” And “Treat your taste kindly with Kent, the only cigaret with the /micronite filter/.” Just by the way, the micronite in the micronite filter was powdered asbestos. Also we learn here that every York cigaret has the word YORK printed on the side, so people notice what you’re smoking when you smoke a York. The woman across the room in the jacuzzi restaurant, for example, who is hot for you and signaling her desire to arrange an assignation by smoking her own York.

Run lines? Sure.


As for the bucket.

Musical toy train. The making-of follows the action.

Motorized rotating light sticks.

Long-trampoline gymnasts. They get progressively more amazing as the video goes.

And siphonophores (say sai-FON-oh-forz) of the deep.


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