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     “Vhere is money, Julie? Money for Toorkey house? he says. And then they end it with a bunch of superfluous emojis: pony, pony, pony, cricketbat, sad-face, tablecloth.” –Bill Bailey

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2021-05-28) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy.


Thanks heaps to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only the above MOTA show but also other ones going back quite a way.

This is a show with a nice small-town feel. Very early in the show Steve Gomes called to, among other things, rebut the Mendocino Village sewer district board’s weird letter to the editor of the AVA where they lied that Steve had frivolously sued them and that they won, and he talked a little about a solution to Mendocino’s major water problems, that he claims they rejected not because they think it wouldn’t work but because if it worked then more people would move here because there’d be water for them, and the board doesn’t want that; what they want is to keep charging people money and putting a cap on use of their own well water whose source is nowhere near Mendocino Village, because they can– or could, rather, before they lost the lawsuit they say they won… Y’know, I may be a little confused about the details. Ask Steve, he’ll tell you:

Calpella Cowboy set up a three-way call with a retired woman in Southern California named Bunny, mother of six, who to take her at her word is an Eskimo, which I didn’t think was even okay to say anymore, but apparently I was confused about that too. Cowboy read his story about Willits (CA) calories and talked about the stark misery of Arizona. Bunny also talked about Arizona: she went there on a church mission once, to an Indian orphanage to deliver a truckload of crocheted spiritually medicinal bears and meet, as she put it, the Chief. She also was personal friends with tough-guy actor Charles Bronson who used to stay at her father’s house when out on a movie shoot in her area (and who we learn elsewhere in the show, from an interview with an impossibly young and patiently incredulous John Belushi, was gay, as was Lee Marvin, and as were many other stellar purported machos in the L.A. of the 1970s, certainly not that there’s anything wrong with that).

There’s a mini-tribute to activist and truly helping/caring person Ed Murrell, who died last week. And an even mini-er but no less heartfelt note or two about musician/composer Jay Sydeman, also dead now. He missed rehearsal and the bass player went to get him; Jay died peacefully in his bed. He had a great visit with his grandkids and family just a little while before, and that was nice for him.

Sakina Bush sent an anthropomorphic story about the social sexy relations of DNA and RNA molecules. Scott M. Peterson provided the third installment of his epic work about genocide in Mendocino County. It got to be 1:30am before I reached that, though, so if he wants me to I’ll recap it earlier in next show. Paul Modic continued his Date With An Angel series of October-May-relationship erotica in a story titled /The Perfect Date/. There’s John Sakowicz’ poetic apology to the 17-year cicadas, and his brief condemnation of the Israeli apartheit situation, which is dire and outrageous, as usual; there’s some useful related information after that, including someone calling him a disgusting blot on humanity, or something like that, because of criticizing Israel for murdering children. And plenty more; there’s just so much. Comical sweary country music of John R. Butler. Some yodeling. Some lamentational war music, for Memorial Day. And it all ends with the first Firesign Theater album I ever bought, playing in all its glory of pops and scratches and soothing rhythmic Motorola puck-driven record player rumble: pur-roorm pur-roorm pur-roorm pur-roorm…

BESIDES ALL THAT, here’s a fresh batch of not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms (live, with a string section, and tympani). (This is both the sleepiest and the most moving version you’ll hear. It helps to be able to see it.)

Bees up close and in your face. They’re not all the same. Some look like a chipmunk. Some look like a rabbit, or a foxbat. Some look like a schnauzer-dog in puffy headphones. I like the kind that looks like an old Russian woman about to cast a spell on you for trampling her hedge.

Real-life Elastigirl, for bendyness, not stretching out to any length, but that’s a cartoon; this is a person.

How-to: VFX in Flight of the Navigator. (42 min.) (Just skip around in it; it’s all cool.)

Art. (via Everlasting Blort)

Ride, Gunhilde, ride!

Predator and pray walking home after a tough day of acting for National Geographic films. (via Everlasting Blort)

This nutjob is Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor to President Trump.

Stick with it till the end. (via Everlasting Blort)

Japanese mascot characters stuck in places too small for them. One is held against the wall by the point of a table. One can’t get into (or out of) an elevator. They’re big. (via Everlasting Blort)

As if it was only yesterday: The Sands of Modesto.

A capella (say ah-kuh-PEL-uh) Star Wars.

For fans of /Watchmen/.

Bees with a brain smaller than a grain of sand can open a bottle…

…Whereas: “You’re in no condition to drive a golf cart. Don’t do it, man. Don’t /do/ it… He did it.”

A whole new level.

Can Malaria come out and plague?

The way they run on the water with their flappy feet to help take off.

Styles of ziggurat.

I love these buildings.

It was a different world back then.

I bought /Blood On The Tracks/ on cassette in 1976 and literally wore the tape out, so I appreciate this and can hear it properly inside my head. I think you can too.

This is what we in the industry call a shitload of mice.

When he asks, “Which one’s your favorite?” you’ll say through your smile, “They’re all pretty good!”

Whatcha doin’?

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