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Cut me some meat, Hunca Munca!


     “I good to you. I steek up for you. If you no help me now I say, Fuck you Jobu, I’ll do it myself.”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2021-07-02) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy.


Thanks heaps to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only the above MOTA show but also other ones going back quite a way.

Tickets are limited for the KNYO Caspar Community Center 4th of July family friendly extravaganza all Sunday afternoon and evening, so check now, don’t wait, you may already be a winner:

And you can still help Jose Xanuitzil’s family and his young children. To recap, a terrible tragedy happened on June 11th when Jose, a long time beloved employee at Harvest Markets died in a car accident with his girls in the car. Jose’s 11 year old daughter, Samantha was severely injured and was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery to save her life at UC Davis. 15-year old, Nicole, has had to make decisions while her mom has been at UC Davis with Samantha. The family was still grieving the loss of Jose’s sister to COVID and now they have lost him as well.

Donations to help with burial expenses and the girls’ care can be made at all Harvest Market checkout registers. You just ask to donate and the checkout clerk will add it to your items and it’ll show up on your receipt. Any amount is good, however small or large. You can also mail a donation to Mendocino Coast Children’s Fund, PO Box 1616, Mendocino, CA 95460 or donate at

This coming week I’ll be in the Franklin Street storefront again for the show. The number is 707 962-3022 (after 9pm, Friday night).

You can come in with your instrument(s) and show-and-tell materials; it’s safe with masks and two-meter distancing and everyone’s vaccinated. Just walk right in, sit right down… Ah! /That/ was the song I was trying to remember, from the mafia jukebox in my grandparents’ restaurant when I was little. /Walk Right In, Sit Right Down/, here:

BESIDES ALL THAT, here’s a fresh batch of not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

The tale of two bad mice and a frustrating hoax of painted clay food, by Beatrix Potter.



A cautionary image for the Fourth of July, or any time, really: X-ray view of man’s exploded hand from playing with fireworks. Granted, it was a professional mortar firework, but don’t play with fireworks, even the little kind. Every year children are blinded and otherwise crippled by complications of harmless-seeming /sparklers/. Between fourth and fifth grade I almost set the house on fire with a sparkler. Clay Street, Fresno. I was grounded through Halloween. Get glow-sticks from the dollar store instead and swing them around in the dark on a string. And try not to put anybody’s eye out with that, too.

Somewhere in America.

The Thief Lord kettle. (via NagOnTheLake)

Storks in space. Asteroidal fire-breathing car-stomping Godzilla storks.

One day in Bangkok: Revenge. (The scooter is worth Rs 23 lakh. In American money that’s $30,000. Whatever way he broke up with her was the wrong way.) (I’m seeing that a woman destroying her former lover’s vehicle in anger at being dumped or cheated on is common now all over the world, but I’ll be calling it a /Bangkok revenge/ from now on.)

Daa-woosh, daa-woosh, will you do da fan-dang-go.

When a cabinet minister resigns. (via b3ta)

Suddenly (comma) chameleon. (via NagOnTheLake)

Show me the Monet? Yo, I gotcher Monet right here, pal. For two hours. (via NagOnTheLake)

Warning lights.

Simple and quick explanation of public key cryptography.

During the show I mentioned the harrowing first ten minutes of Spalding Gray’s film /Gray’s Anatomy/. Here’s the whole film:

Ow. (via b3ta)

Tenacious D. They can’t be back if they never went away. Tenacious D forever.

…Speaking of which, the scene of Jack and Kage (Kyle) on acid in the desert, in 2006:

Come Together.

A lot to learn.

Better with his toes than most people are with fingers.

No gloves, and even so, no blood, no bruises, no bandages. /That’s/ amazing.


Welcome to Wendy’s beaver.

Sexy robot Pierson’s Puppeteers.

A.I. paintings.

Further A.I. paintings. (Scroll down to post titled /The art of asking nicely/.)

And possibly posable dolls. Creepy? or not creepy? That depends a lot on you.


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