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Juneteenth, daddio. The forgotten Black beatniks.


     “Thank you, Professor. Have to make an example of him. Ringleader, you know. What he does the gang does.” -Constable Locke

Marco here, to show you the recording of last night’s (2022-06-17) Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show on 107.7fm KNYO-LP Fort Bragg (CA), ready to re-enjoy:


Thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only the above MOTA show but also other ones going back quite a way. And thanks to the Anderson Valley Advertiser, which provided or at least alerted me to almost an hour of the above show’s most locally relevant material without asking for anything in return. And KNYO-LP Fort Bragg, CA, which can use your help, please, now, sir or madam. Speaking of which: plan to attend the massive KNYO July 4 musical party at Caspar Community Center, fun for the whole family, just like last year, but even more great bands!

Email me your work on any subject and I’ll read it on the radio this coming Friday night.

BESIDES ALL THAT, here’s a fresh batch of not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

A 3D butterfly zoetrope how-to. (via TackyRaccoons) (And follow what wants to autoplay after that.)

Laurie Anderson – Home of the Brave. (The full 90 min. film, recorded live.)

Rerun: Champion feather dance routine. This has traditionally been a men’s sport, but lately it’s opening up a little.

Some of Christin Olesin’s fascinating dances. (Scroll down.)

Time-lapse garden plants.

Mr. Barti sings.

Flight of the Valkyries line rider video. (via NagOnTheLake)

The Paul Whiteman Orchestra in 1924 visualized in a way that sucks you in and carries you along. (via Clifford Pickover) I’d like to see them use this treatment on /Happy Feet/, or Raymond Scott’s /Powerhouse/.

Emails between Disney’s Standards and Practices division and a creative cartoon writer, writers and artists being the resource from whom their multi-billion-dollar empire is ultimately derived. It’s like, “You, sir! Explain this joke to the court!” Wait till Disney acquires /Rick and Morty/. (Scroll down the same page for lots more.)

Speaking of which.

Old habits die hard.

The nurses.

Free art.


Disassemble-ay rhymes with creme brulee. Useful.

I Can Only Count To Four.

Four steps to understand the housing crisis.

What housing crisis? There are plenty of wonderful houses, palaces even, with nobody in them. In your area.

Viz: “So you’re telling me that $600,000,000 worth of real estate could be freed up and the only people inconvenienced would be four richer-than-God douchebags in a tiki bar?” Yes, precisely. And this is just one bar.

Cars of the past and the people who were proud of them. Those were great cars. I still think that if you made cars that looked like that now (with modern parts and techniques), everyone would want them.

Twenty-five or thirty years ago I had a dream about my wife Juanita’s pet bird, who was an asshole and didn’t appreciate anything no matter how consistently sweet you were to him. Leave his cage open to get out and go back in whenever he wanted. Give him treats all the time. He was just pissed off no matter what. He even hated the girl bird of his own species Juanita had, who he had known since he was an egg. In my dream, there was a Christmas-style show put on by Gloriana Opera Company, and a thin little boy was standing alone at the right-hand edge of Cotton Auditorium’s enormous high empty stage, in ragged clothes and a Tam hat, singing sadly and quietly but still filling the theater, in so close to /this/ little boy’s breathy plaintive voice: “I gave him wahhh ter-and-food. Why should he bite me?”

I’m going to tell you something about myself here. This is how I feel about /something/ nearly every day and sometimes twice a day, all kinds of different things. When Juanita is quiet for a suspiciously long time and I look over and she’s /about to start telling me what’s wrong/. When I realize that something funny I wrote anywhere between five minutes and forty years ago /has driven some anonymous reader or listener to rage at me because they misunderstood completely/. Etc. Like Tom, here, goes, “This is fine. I can do this. This is a kids’ ride… NnnnnNNN!” Because that’s just the beginning. Except at the end he likes it, or says he does.

Also I /kind of/ understand this guy, even though I don’t believe in Jesus or any of that crap, nor do I self (or other) mutilate. It’s his project, like my radio show.

The (virtual) Stolen Art Gallery.

The virtual subscription-based dance school.

The contest for roundness and squareness among countries. (via Clifford Pickover)

The Cordon family’s confident whip tricks in dreamy kinescope. Hooray!

To defeat your opponent you must think outside the shoe. (or) The true master needs no tools.

A metaphor for something. Or an allegory. Both. Two of each, really; there are two creatures here, each with an interpretable point of view. (via Everlasting Blort)

…Similarly, this could be equally /How We Learn/ and /Viewing Parallel Worlds/.

Stunt City. (via Everlasting Blort) (You might have to click the sound on.)

The database of dinosaurs. (via Everlasting Blort)

Balloon animals. (via TackyRaccoons)

“Ha ha ha! I’m a squirrel… WAAAA!”


The lyrebird. Click, snick, bvv, queeee, so on. (via TackyRaccoons)

Illustrated Shores of the Polar Sea. (via NagOnTheLake)

Stairway to Heaven or express train to Hell. It all depends on the pilot’s marriage, mood, and whether or not he had the fish. Enjoy your flight. (via Fark)

Zero 7 – Destiny.

This hurts to look at, and you keep looking, going /No. No. No,/ inside. Isn’t that weird? I love puppets, who doesn’t? But– no. This is all wrong.

And yet this is fine, no problem.

Only a few short years ago.

List of satirical site Babylon Bee‘s fulfilled prophecies.

I’ve heard music described as /slapping/, or a person will say of a song, /That slaps!/ This might be what they mean.

The contrast between a genuine confident smile and protecting-private-parts body language can be unsettling. But Eisenhower was an elf, so he could pull off the look. Only three U.S. presidents were elves, and one of those was just half-elf. Say that: half-elf. Shout it out! Be proud! (via Fark)

Drifting a ferry.

Glox News update.

Kids-these-days’ secret emoji code to buy drugs. Now you know.

A five-year-old cartoon by Eroyn (say air-in) Franklin about pop-up clinics.

“Boys, boys, be careful! Popeye! Bluto! Oh, I cannot look.”

Cleaning windows.


Rocket sled.

Space-age shower nozzles.

Google search anymore.

The elephant’s eye jewel has been stolen!

Rerun: The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God.

Beelzebob (say bee-ELL-zeh-bob) Ross.

UFOs. Unidentified Floating Objects. “Tree four yiz ago, yih stahta dinta see mo-ah phenomeneh. Li’l tiny headlights? out in diff’ent airyiz udda bay.”

The bugbear of dishwashing. (via NagOnTheLake)

It’s better this way. In some ways.

How to change.

The ruins of Khara-Khoto.

New music. You can be replaced. (via NagOnTheLake)

I remember reading a science article years ago where the contention was that cats can’t see images on a television set. That it’s just nothing to them because they can’t smell it, and their brains or their eyes don’t work that way. Bosh.

Turtle on skate.

Cat in hat.


Looping beatboxer.

Frank Zappa when he was still a puppy and rather shy in public.

Good grief, he sighed.

And the Airstream Heritage Center.

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  1. Another nice collection of esoterica here, and once again, thanks for the linkies.

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