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Significance of the three wise guys: the owl, the alligator and the turtle.


     “Oh, ring, ring the yule log and sound the holy wreath. Open up the missile, too, and trim your crispness treeth.” -Walt Kelly

Here’s the recording of last night’s Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show on 107.7fm KNYO-LP Fort Bragg (CA), ready for you to re-enjoy:


Thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with plenty of other ones going back quite a way. And thanks to the Anderson Valley Advertiser, which always provides about an hour of each of my Friday night shows’ most locally relevant material, going back decades. And tiny bravely struggling KNYO itself. Find KNYO’s hidden donation heart and help the station out with a one-time holiday gift or, if you can, a recurring gift, from your own hidden heart. And/or acquire a concentrated vial of the new heart’s-blood-red KNYO hot sauce, for vim and pep and vibrant health. (“It’s toasted!”)

New stories by Ezekiel Krahlin, Douglas Wayne Coulter, Tommy Wayne Kramer, David Herstle Jones, Paul Modic, Craig Louis Stehr admonishing us all to chant Hare Krishna to defeat the demons, the usual chapter each from books by Kent Wallace (Ong Tay) and Clifford Allan Sanders (No More My Echoing Song), poetry by the late Jim Harrison, the late Jorge Luis Borges (say phlegmily: cHAWR-heh LOO-ees BAWRc-hayss), and others not quite so late nor difficult to pronounce properly; also science, art, jokes, dreams, car repair advice (and an unsolicited plug for the knowledgeable staff of O’Reilly’s Auto Parts of Rohnert Park), views from up close and from deep orbit of events of the small and big world, including the discovery, just this year, of the clitoris of the female snake. Apparently, for all the examination and chronicling and dissecting and titrating and milking of venom and all the trapping and releasing and tickling and probing and cross-legged blowing flutes at them and shaking them around in churches in Texas and daring them to bite us, it only just now, at the end of history (so far), occurred to anyone to really look down there. Certainly the snakes were not talking.

Here’s a link to my dream journal project, I’d like to read /your/ dreams on the radio and I always offer to. Just email me. Or include them in a reply to this post. Or send me a link to your dream journal and I’ll make a note to go there and check for updates.

BESIDES ALL THAT, here are some not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

The Bloody Olive. A holiday tradition.

Kids in the Hall‘s Xmas special: Chalet 2000, parts 1 and 2 (1993).

Edward Hopper and films influenced each other. Who knew? KNYO is next door to one of the very few bars left in town. One time I parked up the street a little bit, so I crossed there carrying my computer suitcase and coat and shopping bag of papers, books, crackers, chocolate covered raisins, an apple, spare headphones… The night was dead quiet. Nobody anywhere but a blonde woman smoking a cigaret just outside the bar’s open door; she  might be the bartender (I’ve never been in there, so I don’t know). I could see all the way through, most of everything shades of brown but the woman’s red dress in the foreground, then maybe a neon beer sign, the sense of depth, bright green arrow-shaped sliver of the pool table’s top in the very back. I said, “That looks like a painting.” The woman said, “It does?” I said, “By Edwin Hopper.” She said, “Oh.” Later I thought over it and winced at my mistake. /Edward/ Hopper. /Edward/.

The 1979 blurry and weird Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel Xmas Special. (complete, 44 min.)

The three witches.(including /The Legend of the Xmas Witch/, full movie, 100 min.) (via MissCellania)

Quasi at the Quackadero.

Tony Soprano in God of War.

The notorious 2003 Peter Serafinowicz Marlon-Brando-as-Jabba-the-Hutt acting masterclass video.

Based on a true story. (via Fark)

Yeah. What happened to those guys.

Life as we weren’t around to know it but found out later. (via Clifford Pickover)

How to terraform Mars with giant Jewish space lasers.

Bong Joon Ho’s /Snowpiercer/ is actually the sequel to Willy Wonka. (The real Gene Wilder one, not the remake.)

Yule train!

Silent snowplow trains.

Geoff Castelucci sings White Christmas. (One woman’s comment after hearing another of Geoff Castelucci’s singing videos: “I think I was just unfaithful to my husband.”)

Harmonica showoff. Pretty good.

Rerun: Seagulls, Stop It Now.

“Please urinate with precision and elegance.” (via NagOnTheLake)

Subtitles for real life. It’s made for all-the-way-deaf people, but it’s useful for everyone else. No more “Wha?” nor “Say again?” nor “Speak up, sonny, speak up!” Except now there are plenty of people who might shoot someone when it gets a crucial word wrong, and then be sorry, but it’s too late, a life is lost. Maybe the kind of people who have guns everywhere ready to shoot someone are the kind of people who shouldn’t have a gun. Maybe that’s how you can tell.

The revolutionary new FDM L5 5-bore single barrel rifle, which now that it exists you’ll totally be able to walk into any Walmart and buy soon, because it’s a biblical right God gave every American. I remember a guy who called himself Mad Dog, on Redwood Free Net in 1995, who argued that if the gubment can have an atomic bomb, /he/ should be able to have an atomic bomb to fight off the gubment if they ever came to take our atom bombs away, which of course they will. (You might have to click the sound on to get the full benefit of the treatment.)

Q-Nuts: It’s the War on Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Impressively improvised musical comedy. At the end: “We get a lotta points for that! Put the points there!” Exactly.

What. (via Fark)×900

“You! Trombones! You’re rushing it! Not yet! …[sigh] Okay, let’s try again, people.”

Great lumbering beasts (or) Right place, right time.

Mexican Xmas cards from the 1950s.

British Xmas cards from the 1800s. Dead birds, mostly. It’s the thought that counts.

Just one song from the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

What if a sewing needle hit the planet Jupiter at the speed of light? Short answer: Don’t.

Xmastime ad. (via Everlasting Blort) (You might have to click the sound on.)

Nice things.

Tomb tours.

Lost treasures. (via Everlasting Blort)

Kurt Vonnegut called this sort of thing destructive testing. He felt this was being done to all of us. Though his image was of one of those machines in the engineering wing of a car factory that opens and slams a car door 10,000 times to see which part of it breaks first. The world is the machine. We’re the car door.

Rerun: For fans of Thunderbirds and Fireball XL-5. /SuperThunderStingCar/.

This movie of marionettes from 2004. In Wikipedia: “When a string attached to a moveable limb is severed, it is analogous to amputation; the individual loses the ability to use that body part. Once a string is cut nothing can repair it or bring back to life whatever it was attached to. If the head string is cut, it results in permanent death. Since nothing can reanimate a body part after its string is cut, repairs to injured individuals must be made using healthy, stringed parts. An unfortunate collection of poor people and prisoners is kept as a donor class. When a person of royalty or other social importance loses a body part, one is removed from a prisoner to replace it.” Also, when people love each other and pull /down/ on their own strings, it lifts the other person up. And the impenetrable gate of a city is a horizontal bar braced up in the air to stop the strings of people coming in. To let people in, you /lower the bar to the earth/. It used to be you could watch this movie on the web, but I can’t find it anymore. Maybe you can find a way to see it. Every library should have a copy. It didn’t get enough attention. It’s wonderful. All these years later I still cry every time I think about it. They briefly show us the real puppeteers working everything and that makes it even better, like the short part at the end of The Boxtrolls where we see the stop-motion animator at work as two characters discuss whether there might be someone out there somewhere controlling them.

Not a rerun. This is a new version of Straight No Chaser’s /12 Days of Xmas/.

“You’re not learning English to be a /bigot/, are you?” “Okay.”

Saturday matinee.

GHOSTBLEED: The Bio Horror. (via b3ta)

A-pack-of-gifts Now.

Pretty white kids with problems.

Art. A selection of fine AI cinema stills. There’s a lot more here than it looks like at first. Poke around. (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

They want things where they should be. They want it lined up right. (via Everlasting Blort)

“Fuck you and your shitty scooter.” (via Everlasting Blort)

The jolly grendier.

The beauty queen of Neptune.

What did you do to make him so mad? What were you thinking. (via b3ta)

Fill ‘er up with 25 cents’ worth of regular, please.

Mitchel & Webb bits, Season 3, part 3.

Miss Pearl Harbor Vengeance Legion.

“Oy, nyet! It can’t be!” “I’m made of children’s /dreams/, beyotch! Suck /this/!” POW.

Perspective packing. (via Clifford Pickover)

Optical art like this is a good analogy for ideas and politics and feelings and thoughts and morals and religion. It shows that what’s obvious is only so because of the presentation and the way perception works, and also what’s obviously right is often wrong. What’s obviously wrong equally as often turns out to be right. And what’s /really/ wrong is people getting all hot and righteous and insisting that their club’s interpretation of this or that event or crime or boon or magical book or mere phrase is just common sense and people who don’t agree with them don’t have the sense God gave a goose and they’re idiots besides. Or they’re Hitler, or Satan. This concept applies to so much.

Speaking of which.

Ten years ago.

Friends pop-and-lock together. (via Tacky Raccoons)

Diving. With a full explanation afterward.

A model of lightning. (via Clifford Pickover)

Our most powerful weapons cannot penetrate their shields!

It’s a multiple choice riddle.

13 things. (via PerfectForRoquefortCheese)

I remember reading about this when it happened, but I didn’t really grasp /what/ happened. Flight simulator animation illustrates the radio conversation between a random lunatic who stole an airplane for a joyride and several patient experts trying and failing to talk him down. At least he got to do his barrel roll. (17 min.)

How is this different from American shows like this? Fox News, for example. (via b3ta)

Super! Thanks for asking!

Where’s your toy? Is that your toy? I think that’s your toy. /Go get it! Go on!/ Who’s a funny little guy, then. Who’s a funny widdo guy.

Online circuit simulator toy. (via BoingBoing)

“Have a good day, man.” That’s the way, right there. Everybody has a bad day once in awhile and makes a mistake. No harm done.

And Evangelina brings in the lute.



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