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Listen to KNYO-LP in real time

To listen over the air on a real radio, be in or near Fort Bragg, CA and tune your FM radio to 107.7 (all the way on the right-hand end of the dial).

To listen on the web go to and, once there, click on the Listen link. After that, if it doesn’t immediately begin to play, look for where it says Web Audio Player and click on Play.

If that doesn’t work –some computers have a problem there– go to and search for KNYO.  KNYO will show up. Click on that. Save it as a favorite. (TuneIn might play a 30-second national ad before giving you KNYO. Just wait a moment.)

To listen on a pocket phone or tablet or other portable computer over wifi or via your phone plan, install the TuneIn app and then, in TuneIn, search for KNYO. On the road you can plug your phone’s audio output into your car stereo with a stereo mini-plug cable. The dollar store often has cables like that.

TuneIn also works for Roku and Chromecast and other home streaming entertainment devices.


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