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My name is Marco Angelo McClean. Memo Of The Air – Good Night Radio is a radio show on KNYO (107.7fm) in Fort Bragg, CA and KMEC in Ukiah*. On Friday nights from 9pm (California time) until very late (usually after 4am) I read local writing and stories and articles from the web and from books and magazines. And I play old music and old-time radio drama from my collection and new music that catches my ear.

Email me stories and poems you write and I’ll read them on the very next Memo of the Air. My email address is (remove NOSPAM for the address to work). There’s no set subject and no hard rule about a piece’s length, though I might split a very long piece into several parts over several shows. Also, if you tell me in your email about what time you want me to read your work, I’ll try to remember to read it then so you can be ready to hear it.

I’m certain that the best way to learn to write is to write for an audience and sit in that audience and listen to someone else read what you wrote. You hear immediately what to change and how to express yourself better. Try it and see.

This weblog is partly about my radio show and partly a place to post links to things that are worthwhile but that don’t necessarily translate well to radio. I find them mostly via the websites in the blogroll column to your right.


*In 2015, in the fall, 105.1fm KMEC Ukiah joined the small but growing number of radio stations to use my show in real time by simply instructing their automation system to grab the stream. KMEC initially joined the show in progress at midnight and jumped off at 3am. On December 8, 2017 KMEC pushed the start time up, so now MOTA is on both KNYO and KMEC from 9am forward. Together they reach about 3/4 of Mendocino County.

If you have anything to do with a radio station small or large, and you’d like to do something like that –meaning, use a portion or all of the show on your station in close to real time– please let me know. There may be restrictions that need resolving, laws of physics to be bent. Aren’t there always? But I’m sure we can work something out.

  1. hi marco!! i see some chatter on the mcn list about kzyx… i sure hope you stick around with knyo forever but whatever way the wind blows go for it!! recently i emailed djdlt about coming back to knyo and i’m also working on an idea of movie night like bob was doing but with spanish movies!! anyway my observations are kzyx will never have enough money nor ever stop asking for more. i am now on the mailing list for the community foundation so when the next round of grants comes around i will be notified… i would like to get a new board for the downtown studio and some other gear and one thing they require is a board with 5 members… now that margi passed away i think our board is maybe 3?? are you interested in a casual knyo style board position?? iam but i’m a crazy radical guy and i think a more level headed guy with your experience would be more appropriate… or maybe both of us could fulfill board positions… knyo’s the little dog with a big bark and i just want the best for the station and also to feel secure that this outlet is available for years to come…. thanks for your time on the air!!!! joe

  2. Howdy, Marco…. long time no see. It’s Feather…. just stopped by to say hello… hope things are well for you and Juanita! ❤

  3. this evening the signal is bouncing in and out and the “dashboard” is showing bandwidth issues…. listening around 8:45….

  4. Regarding earglasses: Barry Vogel of Radio Curiuos invented something similar. I’ve seen him use them in a Ukiah restaurant.


    Dave Smith

  5. sean keppeler permalink

    Marco really good show 3:30 still listening one of my favorite show on knyo I have saved most of your show and listen when driving on one of my many long trips thank you for doing the show you seem to be a curious and thoughtful person I hope to send some poems and short stories.

  6. Thank you for your very kind words about Everlasting Blort, Marco – much appreciated. We look forward to your post every week, always an excellent compilation!

  7. matteblk permalink

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  8. Daniela Peralta permalink

    Hi! I hope you’re okay!
    Just a question! While I searching in your webpage I read this expression “more than cookies and cream” I speak Spanish so I did not understand what it means! Would you mind explain it to me? Here’s the link!
    Thank you in advance !

    • Hi, Daniela. Okay, I’ll try. Before that, I had heard or read somewhere that it was something people in the U.S. Midwest would say of someone– that he or she was “more into the cookie (or cookies) than the cream”, and I didn’t and don’t remember /where/ I heard or read it. I know I didn’t just dream it. It seemed to /almost/ mean something folksy and wise, like so many folk sayings that you can take in any of several different ways. I looked it up, couldn’t find it anywhere, ran out of time to play with it and gave up.

      When I’m near the end of getting a show ready, when I have like forty or fifty thousand words in front of me in a file I print out to read on the air, I get a sense of a theme to that particular show, and make it the title that I later put on the recording and the web post about the show. It just seemed like that particular show had a greater than normal feeling of this or that story or section /almost/ but not quite meaning something, so I used it. I’m sorry I can’t answer any better; I still don’t know what it means. If you ever find out, please tell the world, because I see that other people have heard /More into the cookie than the cream/; it’s not something you’d type by accident by mashing the keys, and it’s one of the most searched for phrases that I made titles of my shows, behind /Hot Israeli army girls/ and /Boobs of Mona Lisa/, of course, though I don’t think anyone’s looking for those because they don’t know what they mean but because they think they do.

      And… Oh, my God, I’ve been an idiot. I just realized what it must be. There’s a very popular ice-cream flavor: /Cookies and Cream/. A person might say that he or she likes that flavor but “really is more into the cookies than the cream”, and that’s probably what I read or heard in the first place and just forgot. So from now on it won’t be a thing to say to describe some folksy numinous mystery but instead to say when the answer has been staring me in my stupid face the whole time, a thing a private detective might say. Thanks for bringing it up!

      I’d be more into the cream than the cookies or marshmallows or whatnot. Nuts and chocolate syrup on top of some plain kind is good. My favorite is vanilla ice-cream with orange sherbet in it, but not mixed up. A root-beer float is pretty good.

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