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Happy chemtrails.


    “Let the capitalists do their own fighting and furnish their own corpses and there will never be another war on the face of the earth.” –Eugene Debs

    “Deep inside our world is a huge ball of hot stuff. This is the stuff that turns the black rock we use to find our way when we go far away. I used to study tiny bits of the same black rock, inside real rocks, to know the pull of the deep hot under world ball long, long ago—before people, or animals, or trees, or almost any living things were here. I studied bits of the black rock, like the pieces we use to find our way, inside other rocks that formed in fire under the ground. The hot under ground ball gave these black rock pieces a direction long ago, and they did not forget.” –Peter Selkin

    “And some rin up hill and down dale, knapping the chucky stanes to pieces wi’ hammers, like sae mony road-makers run daft. They say it is to see how the warld was made!”

Here’s the recording of last Friday night’s (2015-03-06) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to download and keep or just play with one click.

A cautionary tale: You probably know to back up your important work so if your computer breaks you’re not back to square one on a serious project. I certainly know it. A hard drive broke in my computer in the early 2000s and I lost all kinds of work. Also I waited until the later oh-ohs to save locally all the dream journal posts I’d ever sent to alt.dreams in Usenet, and discovered that Usenet isn’t properly archived out in the world, and I lost about a million of the three or four million words that I had written there. A literal million words.

So now I compulsively back things up in several places. Work, writing, music, video, Tax records, passwords (!), etc. And this week I lost my go-to thumb drive, which of course had tax records and passwords on it. It fell out of my pocket somewhere in Rohnert Park or Cotati, maybe in a grocery store, maybe in a parking lot. And I spent several intense frustrating hours changing all my passwords, finding out that every service I use that requires a password –banking, weblogging, reading, software, post office, electronic supplier, internet provider, etc.– has a different way to change your password, and a couple of them required a telephone call, and one of those calls involved a service that passed me between a dozen tech people around in the same circle three times, with waiting on hold between each person, and describing the problem all over again to each fucking one of them, hearing giggling in the background (!), and ending up finally with one girl who actually knew how to do it. An hour and a half on the phone for that one thing.

So– this is the new thing I have to do: either use KeePass (which I got and am having a little trouble figuring out how to use) or encrypt secret things in a file locker, which software came with my replacement SanDisk thumb drive (SanDisk Secure Access), which just works. That’s it. It’s not much and it’s not hard. And that’s today’s lesson.

Now I’m thinking about all the lessons I have learned in my life. Don’t use too many nails; it makes it weaker, not stronger. Confront a bully right now; don’t wait. Faster than light, no left or right. And so on. I should back up all of that before my wetware fails.

And here are links to some not necessarily radio-useful but interesting items that I happened upon while putting my show together, that I found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

The air loom.

It doesn’t say, but the lines that aren’t radial come from other local nuclear radiation sources like beans, dark leafy greens, potatoes, squash, yogurt, fish, avocados, mushrooms, and bananas (radioactive potassium), and air iself (radon gas) and bricks and concrete and dirt, and from fire detectors and antique clocks, as well as from cosmic rays from space and NSA mind-control frequencies from H.A.A.R.P. and from anguished spirits in the Other World who are– wait– wait– getting something that starts with the letter G. No? M, then. Still no?

Proof of malicious weather-control conspiracy: cloud shapes.

Auntie Maggie’s remedy.

Trevor Moore, High in Church.

Flying around in the Himalayas.

The same poison at twice the price.

The same nutrition at twice the price.

Scary-sounding chemicals. Also a load of sinister junk DNA left over from the dinosaurs.

Baby mini-bacons are so cute.

The silence of the owl.

It goes through a smaller and smaller place. The slow motion shots don’t make this more impressive than it already is.

Modern amniotic Uruk-hai. It looks suffocating, but apparently it’s quite safe, though dreadfully wasteful of food.


Hail, hail, fire and snow.

“Rather nasty for poor Kevin, here.”

ASCII fluid dynamics.

“How seven stone, scientifically applied, can easily defeat fourteen stone.”

“C’mere and gimme a kiss, ya big bloated tub o’ love.” “No! No means no!”

The Goofus and Gallant of airbags.

“Right over there. That’s where we’re gonna live. They don’t know us there. We’ll start over.”

Love has no labels.

Meanwhile in the real world.

Eruzione del Vesuvio del 79 d.C.

A difficult childhood.

The future. Fabulous convenient 1975.

These totally work for me. Star Trek movies reduced to spaceships-only scenes.

The more I learn about Leonard Nimoy, the more amazing he was.

The Pope.

The Ballad of Billy John.

I had another dream about Patagonia, whose publicity looks like this…

…But whose reality looks like this.

The territories.

And that explains it.

Kindle cover disasters. Scroll down, and down, and down again.

Zoomable 1849 map of London, England.

And Mandelbrot beach.

Bonus music track: Jonathan Coulton, /Mandelbrot Set/.

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