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Chickens come home to roost.


     “Trump’s behavior raises a thorny constitutional issue: can a criminal be prosecuted for committing crimes?” -Frank Conniff

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2021-01-08) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy.


And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only that show but also other ones going back awhile.

This show (see above) ends with the annual reading of Brad Watson’s story, /Aliens In The Prime Of Their Lives/. That’s almost two hours long and starts a little after six hours into the show, right after the lady Mongolian hip-hop throat singer (see below).

Besides all that, here’s your weekly ration of links to not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right.

The the way it used to be. Charles Tyler was the lead singer of Dada. Here’s a short set of that band from one night at the Caspar Inn in 1982, with pictures all over it of Dada and some of the other wonderful Community School bands, and the local music scene and just Mendocino in general in the 1980s. How young everybody was. It seemed so real. And you, and you, and you were there.


Country version of Baby Got Back.

Moon Zero 2. (100 min.)

Massive Dancing Queen.

He’s like a marionette dancing.

I can’t hear the one with the washers on strings but the rest is coming through loud and clear.

That’s a good question. Why /is/ it always weasels with these guys?

Okay, my world is complete. Every facet of this piece of art is perfect. I think I sprained a wince-smile muscle.

Here’s why this guy would only buy a lousy Fram oil filter if it was the last oil filter on Earth:

The Wall of Lies.

Silent video of the Nashville Winnebago event.

Follow all your dreams at once.

“Sweet bugger-all happening here. Sweet. Bugger. All.”

If you eat the apple you will know all things, the knowledge of Morse code, drill bit specialties, photographic white balance, cigars, bass guitar chords, knots, and divers’ hand signals.

A snapshot of the present.

Lest we forget the horrors.

A little trip down memory lane. From 2016, in the Before Time.

The official state dinosaur of each state that has one. So far. California seems to have got the Pontiac Aztec of dinosaurs. Who picked that one?

The amazing bicycle girl again. Though technically they should call her a woman. Time passes. She’s twenty-six years old now.


Photographic art. (via EverlastingBlort)

Randy Rainbow’s latest:

There it is. Worse than Watergate. By a mile. (You might have to click the sound on.)

Watch out.


Luna Lee’s latest.

These kids in the Philippines figured out a way to do million-dollar-camera-array bullet-time film effects with one phone. First they show you how they did it, then they show you the result.

How we get dots and dashes.

There’s an old phrase that comes to mind: too stupid to live. But what if the dog isn’t stupid. What if this was a fun game for it, to make the man happy.

“Dave. Who turned out the lights.”

Impressive presence of mind. Unless she was a ringer, a performer set up for this. But even so.

Fire trains. (via EverlastingBlort)

Guy in VR talks about his worst day as a soldier. (20 min.)

How penguins move it right along.

The average colors of objects in our solar system. They look like the colors of things rich people would buy. Dishes, maybe, and car seats, and maybe like if they’re /really/ rich they’d have the engine block and the valve covers painted two-tone in a couple of these colors.

Grated cheese. Why not?


Wild birds fly to a man’s hand for food all in slow motion.

Amazing photos. Page through the whole gallery. (View 44 images.)

Documentary of mountain folk music. (12 min.)

Fascinating experimental journey to develop a climbing vehicle of Lego parts.

Silhouettes on the shades.

Beans, Gentlemen. With a side of Popular Problem.

An intelligent condom sales display.

The Berwick witches and King James.

Trailer for a show about the history of swears.

They must be getting their information from someone very smart.

Ear training. Scroll down and hear (and read) them all.

Nothing creepy at all about this. It is all for God’s glory.

Man trains teams of goldfish to play football with their nose.


Japanese synchronized walking.

Exactly what it says on the tin: It /is/ quite interesting.

Amazing Russia.

“Rap throat-singing female.” We can all agree with the commenter who wrote simply, “Legit.”

“We have lost the picture portion of our pictshmission. Technicians are working on the problem.”

And next year.





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