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In like a lion, out like a Chinese philosopher.



Here’s the recording of last night’s (2021-03-26) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy.


Thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only the above MOTA show but also other ones going back quite a way.

And here’s a fresh batch of not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:


One of my oldest memories is a plastic lawn flamingo. I can’t quite recall where that was. In the restaurant? In the bathroom? My imagination is such that, now I’ve cast about for possibilities, and one of them was atop a Christmas tree, that’s where it settles and will not be dislodged. So why fight it? One of my oldest memories is a plastic lawn flamingo with a light inside it on top of the Christmas tree.


Primitive London.

Streetcars of St. Louis.

Acapella The Avengers.

About Pomplamoose, one of my favorite bands. I like it best when Natalie sings in whisper-French. (Just 12 minutes.)

This guy again. Isn’t he great?

A useful skill.

Another useful skill: editing in camera.

Starting to think.

Inspirational poster generator.

Live video from Fagradalsfjall, Iceland volcano.

And there’s a part in Deep Space Nine where a tough battle-scarred Klingon military general is standing in the hallway waiting for his wife to emerge from her spaceship. They haven’t seen each other for months. She comes out, just slags him with insults, out of nowhere: what an insect he is, and so on, while he quails. She turns her nose up and saunters away down the hall, and the general says to Sisko, “Isn’t. She. Magnificent!” I didn’t really think so. What do you suppose he’d say about this woman? He used up magnificent on that sweet little slip of a thing. The devaluation of language.

Women of World War the Second.

Over two hours of terrific music used in Cowboy Bebop.


That’s a good idea: Find the goddamn joy. (via b3ta)

Speaking of which, Robert Fripp and Toyah Willcox. (via b3ta)

An entire documentary about Joni Mitchell. (1.5 hours) (via NagOnTheLake)

Lovely vulture encounter in the sky.


In contrast to the story of Bubby, here are the 67 exorcisms of Anneliese Michel. Apparently demons can speak German too.

Find the bacon.

Perpetually angry hebephrenic nincompoop Alex Jones improved by adding metal guitar, bass and drums.

The way music videos used to be and possibly should be again. (via NagOnTheLake)

Get your bitch some chocolate.

/I’ve/ been to Bakersfield.

New York apartments. (via NagOnTheLake)

“We say yo ho, but we don’t say ho, ’cause ho is dis-res-pect-ful, yo!” Catchy.

It sounds ridiculous that the government is preparing to, essentially, buy rich people’s sea-level-rise-threatened luxury property to save them from maybe not being quite so rich anymore, but… No, it is ridiculous. Even with the explanation of the rationale. They’re rich; they can go anywhere they want. It’s not like they can’t see the water coming up. Look, water, coming up.

Time travel.

Making a wind-up marble race machine.

Wet route.

Eisenstein’s mother doing the dishes. (via the Anderson Valley Advertiser)

Nice strong fingers.

Othello fans.

This too is Paris, France. This is the part of France that people who metaphorically say they can see all the way to France would see if they were talking about real France instead of those parts of a person whose fancy dress doesn’t cover it from that angle. The underside, in other words.

Video and info about Fagradalsfjall.

Big foot.

I wouldn’t do that in those shoes. You have to come down sometime, and your ankles will snap like twigs. Frolic safely.

Cure for drunks. (via Anderson Valley Advertiser)

Moral stories.

Animated Far Side. I didn’t even know they made this. This is over 20 years old. And where’s Part 1?

Many mandibles make light work. Look at all these little things. So busy.

Oh, dear. “I did everything you said, but the boss still hasn’t asked me to lunch!”


Fluorescent finger dancing. It’s like how they do magic in /The Magicians/, whose magic wands are their many fingers. Remember the episode where they had to go to the South Pole for special training to do magic by merely saying things, in case they were ever captured by someone who taped their fingers down.

Everybody’s got a mask on, so they’re okay doing this.

Color enhancement, check. Pareidolia, check… (via b3ta)

Moped. (via b3ta)



A poem about plastic.

But this is real. A real living thing that looks like the bottle in the previous item– a living bottle with, ah, I guess those are kidneys or something, or maybe that’s the brain?

Supporting the Waterside Arts Festival.

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan. What? Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan. What? Never mind, I’ll show you.

What if Gandalf took the ring?

And an hour or two of several other neat what-ifs.


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