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Rocket Queen of the Bun Bang Fai.


    “She, not it. Ymbrynes are always female.” -Miss Peregrine

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2019-02-22) KNYO and KMEC Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show ready to enjoy. (Left-click for instant-play. Right-click to download.) And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with the latest show and also other ones going back about a couple of years. And you can go to Links To Recorded Audio, see above, and dig your bare toes into the warm wet mud of debacles of the distant past.

KMEC’s getting closer to the $9,000 it needs by the end of this month. That money will keep it going through the end of summer. Real community radio stations like KMEC and KNYO have all the real expenses and responsibilities and technical challenges of the giant bloated smarmy NPR stations but /don’t and can’t/, and wouldn’t anyway, get giant yearly government grants to remain mediocre and harmless in all ways –we can be harmless just fine without that kind of hierarchical corporate-control mufflement, thanks very much– and we don’t have the advantage of a monopoly on a high-power license where a single transmitter can cover hundreds and hundreds of square miles of potential donors. Radio is cheap, so it’s possible to do it on the cheap. But it’s not free. Every penny you give to a station like KNYO or KMEC goes to pay for something we really need to pay for: rent on a storefront performance space and studios, electricity, water, internet and phones, streaming fees, maintenance and equipment, and so on. /None/ of it goes into the pocket of the bosses in the office. Please help. Maybe when you get your tax return, if you don’t absolutely need to spend it all on a new back tire or those fine gingham curtains you’ve had your eye on.

To donate to KMEC: Simply call 707-234-3236 and state your intent. Or go to Or mail a check to KMEC, 106 W. Standley, Ukiah. Or just walk in; the Mendocino Environment Center (MEC), home of KMEC, is across the street to the north from the Ukiah courthouse. Standard membership for KMEC is $40, but nobody is going to quibble if you can’t make it exact. You are a divine individual, and you are very loved; I hope you know that.

To donate to KNYO: You can go to and click on the big pretty Donate button. And if that’s too technological for you or it doesn’t work, mail a check to KNYO, p.o. box 1651, Fort Bragg CA. If you’d like to underwrite a specific show, or you’d like your own show to play with, where nobody’s breathing down your neck and they just turn you loose to do radio, contact Bob Young:

Besides all that, here are links to further worthwhile educational and evocative items that I set aside for you while gathering last night’s show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right:

Rerun: Nina Paley – This Land.

Photographs of 1969.

“It’s the kind of fight that makes them ooh and ahh and gets them here and here.”

Clearly they are friends.

Tender Owls. (In Russian with English subtitles.) “I am hanging on a rope, swinging and kicking. I really would like a little more air. Suddenly from behind me comes the tender chirping of the owl: /Oui! Oui!/”)

Gymnastical robots.

The oldest Bugatti in the world that’s still on the road. 1913. This is the guy’s regular car, that he drives to the store in. Or so he’d have you believe.

Speaking of Bugatti, look at this beautiful thing. 1938. (Notice the color. That color is called Bugatti blue.) The replica they made a couple of years ago failed and killed the pilot. They don’t really know why; it might have had something to do with the complicated counter-rotating props, or a mistake in the control design or, you know, coffee jitters. But it’s so pretty. It’s like something from the /Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow/ retro-future.

Bisexual Buccaneers from Both-Ways Bay.


Loneliness. Why?

Queen of the Bun Bang Fai.

The eyes have it.

Ze Frank – True facts about the lemur.

Sesame Street songs. I love this.

Who’s a cuddly murderer? /You’re/ a cuddly murderer. Yes, you are. Yes, you awrrrr.

I had wondered about that.

This is only a test.

Donald Trump als een Rus.



Watch a Japanese moving company do it right.

Meet your second wife.

One take: Marc Martel – Killer Queen. “Bibbity bobbity boo.”

The part of a recent Tucker Carlson show that Fox would not air.

“Too bad Mike Pence isn’t here. He /loves/ Madonna.”

Albino alligator.

Wallace’s giant bee, scientific name Megachile Pluto which, depending on what fake accent you use to say it, is a great funny name for a character in any novel, film, soap opera or anime. I’m leaning toward /MAG-a-chahl PLOO-toh/, but /meh-GAH cha-LEE pluh-TOH/ is also nice

At last, a sport even stupider than football. Short attention span? Skip to about 4 min. in. (The object is to stay in your circle and grab a $100 bill off the crazy bull. Don’t leeb yer circle, now. (!) Aw, dangit. (!) Dangit to hail!)

Countdown: 72 days till Hindenburg Day.

Realism in explodo films.

Violence baguettes violence.

Old tech to use in movies.

Breed a photorealistic monster. Or just view a vast gallery of millions of monsters other people have bred.

Opinions of rearing.

America’s sport.


And the opposite of Gary.


“Ask him what font he was using. If it’s something coquettish like Helvetica he probably brought it on himself.”

Baroque Bada Romansu.

Coloring pages.

George Washington and the goddess of America.

Controlled risk.

Wasteful and noisy and /those goddamn kids again/ and all, but it looks like so much fun.

Speaking of which, a bicycle for the schnee.

A compilation of events that mostly all make you go AAAAUGH! WHY AM I WATCHING THIS! until you smarten up and shut it off.

How we get paper cups. Supbf-supbf-supbf-supbf-supbf-supbf-supbf.

Health care: threat or menace?

Crime Boyz.

“Yes, Gorm, and if it’s so hot out why are we burning money for warmth, hmmm?”

The train to Strangeville.

When fashion was fashion. And those remarkable modern miracle fabrics! So comfortable and long-wearing.

How to hide on a bus.


French landscape in infrared.

I wonder sometimes if the people who play sports like this have thought it through.

And “Brazilian musician Johnny Herno playing his homemade instrument the berimlata, which combines a berimbau musical bow with a paint can.” (You might have to click the sound on.)


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