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Netiquette for stroonzes.


    “Never buy pants or a car in the rain.”

Here’s the recording of last night’s (2021-03-05) KNYO Memo of the Air: Good Night Radio show, ready to re-enjoy.


And thanks to Hank Sims of Lost Coast Outpost here’s a page with not only the above MOTA show but also other ones going back awhile.

The little bit you hear at the beginning of the recording is the very end minute of an NPR piece by David Rakoff (R.I.P.) and Jonathan Goldstein about written correspondence between Gregor Samsa (also R.I.P.) (of Kafka’s /The Metamorphosis/) and Dr. Seuss (R.I.P.), which you can look up using those very terms and learn about, or merely hear all of  just here:

Also here’s a fresh batch of not-necessarily-radio-useful but worthwhile items that I set aside for you while gathering the show together, found mostly thanks to the fine websites listed to your right. (I’m not up to double-checking all the links right now. I used to even set each one individually to open a new tab, which added like twenty minutes or more to this process, right at the point where I’m /so done and over with/ this particular show and ready to put on the spaghetti and meatballs and start working on next week’s. Now I am loathe to even spellcheck. If something’s wrong, though, let me know and I’ll swat it with the electric moth-exploding badminton racket I got in Japantown for $2 a couple of years ago that actually still works. With the original battery, yet. Juanita and I were in San Francisco for some other reason and went in there, and…it was a phantasmagorical brightly lit vast tight maze of delights. A water-filled bird-sound whistle with a clock in the side. Propeller beanie-caps where you press both ears and the top whirs off and up into the air. Brands of candy that you haven’t seen since 1964. Bluetooth napkin rings with dental floss inside. A zigzag pair of pliers to ply around corners. Levels you can adjust to exact angles other than level. Now I wanta go back there, but I’m sure it’ll be like in Twilight Zone, where there isn’t even space for a store in that place, much less the right store, and you ask around and nobody knows what you’re talking about, but the camera pulls back and up so there are two space aliens with giant bulbous butt-shaped ice-cream-cone heads, seen from behind in a fog, silently watching you on the interocitor.) Anyway:


Damn you, bourgeoisie!

Historical side-eye. (via Everlasting Blort)

The sounds of this event from the different angles: Voices of interest, amusement, dismay or warning, crunching wood, scrape of metal. It reminds me of the scene in /Galaxy Quest/ where the ship scrapes fingernails on a blackboard, getting out of the space dock.

Put the phone down, put both hands of the wheel, pull over safely and /then/ go nuts weeping and loving that adorable puppy.

Key and Peele mouth sounds battle.

Ow… okay, but… ow. Ow.


The cursed generator.

Babushka cats. (via Everlasting Blort)

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain plays Miserlou.

10,000 harmonics.

Madonn’, Vinny, get in there. Stop bein’ such a stroonz.

Fretless funk, Sean Angus Watson.

Patricia JANEČKOVÁ: “Les oiseaux dans la charmille”

Russian Irish dance. The flitter-flutter thing they do around 2:40-2:50– I think that’s the Russian ballet part.

Mistake waltz.

Ten levels of sleight of hand.

Ze Frank on crypsis.

Lost Property Office. (Cardboard stop-o-mation.)

Roy Clark died in 2018.

The fabulous lirone. (11 min.)

The $20 one with the corroded old strings actually is fine. Perfectly adequate.

Teevee used to be very different from the way it is now.

Nearly-but-not-quite-lost teevee show intros of the 1950s. /”Hey, Mulligan!”/

This probably won’t show up nice in your screen font, but: ΤΣΙΦΤΕΤΕΛΙΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΥ ΚΙΝΗΜΑΤΟΓΡΑΦΟΥ.

Miss Cheesecake of 1951.

All the colors of the 1956 Buick.

Mafia talks ruined. “Oh, no. Oh, no, Andy, that’s terrible! Now he looks like a sleeping Musketeer!”


The old age rejuvenator centrifuge.

A gun whose ammunition is your own instantly frozen tears, so you can shoot the person who made you cry.

When he farts it goes /RING/.

How to make latex glove bagpipes.

Oh. Right.

It reminds me of the fight between Captain Kirk and and the Gorn. Or any Captain Kirk fight, for that matter. (via b3ta)

Time-lapse Colorado skies.

A plasma space hurricane.

Those are powerful magnets fastened to the ends of the battery, and the track is all bare wire coils.

A nice sample of some of the fine short subjects on the Dust channel.

Fireflies. (via Neatorama)



A lost year.

And how to delete your account. In whatever. Except that one, and that one, and those ones there. Those are forever. This is going on your /permanent record/, young man.


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